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Department of Philosophy

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I am currently Reader in Philosophy at the University of Sussex, UK  . Previously, I've worked at the University of Durham  , Queen's University Belfast  , Utrecht University  , and the UNAM   in Mexico City. I got my Ph.D. in 2006 at the University of Durham (supervisor: Prof. R.F.Hendry  ; examiners: Prof. Jonathan Lowe   & Prof. Chris Hookway  ).

From November 2013 to 2017, I was a researcher working (0.75 fte) on a project in applied epistemology and ethics, the Trusting Banks project. The project is a 5 year, 1.3 m euro collaboration between Groningen and Cambridge Universities, funded by NWO (Dutch Science Organisation), and led by Prof. Boudewijn de Bruin and Prof. Alex Oliver

I am a founding member of the Southern Normativity Group (SoNG). 

From August 2017 I am Head of Department of Philosophy at Sussex. I am also currently on the Steering Committee of the Middle East and North Africa Centre at Sussex. 

My current research interests are (roughly) the following:

The Ethics of Belief: How, if at all, are beliefs subject to normative appraisal?  Should the ethics of belief give us prescriptive guidance as to what we should believe/how we should conduct our lives qua believers? Is the ethics of belief a subset of Ethics? Of Epistemology?  Is Clifford’s Evidentialism (as opposed to James’ Pragmatism) true?

Epistemology: Fallibilism; Epistemic Permissibility; The Gettier Problem-problem; Epistemic Justification;  Externalism vs. Internalism; Epistemic Normativity; the Basing Relation; Epistemic Conservatism; the Nature of Curiosity, Understanding; Knowledge-wh; Epistemic Luck; Epistemic Value.

Philosophy of Mind: The Nature of Belief, “Alief”, Suspended Judgement, wh-attitudes, Intention, Self-Deception; Doxastic Voluntarism; Degrees of Belief; Doxastic Compatibilism; the Phenomenology of Belief; Proprioception; Intuitions; Trust; Wittgenstein.

Ethics: Normativity, Reasons, Rationality; Parfit’s State-Given/Object-Given Reasons distinction; the All-Things-Considered/Pro Tanto Reasons, Oughts, and Duties distinction; “’Ought’ Implies ‘Can’”; Blameworthiness, Blame, Responsibility, Obligation (and the relation between them); Rights; Permissibility; the Error-Theory.

Applied Philosophy: Freedom of Speech & Expression; Financial Ethics; Informed Consent. 

I also have an interest in Islamic Philosophy, having spent a lot of 1990 - 1995 in Syria. 




(2018) Analytic Islamic Philosophy (Palgrave Macmillan, Philosophy Today Series (London & New York)).

(2016) Islamic Philosophy & The Ethics of Belief (London: Palgrave Macmillan). Click here for a symposium on this book. 

(2014) Intuitions (edited with Darrell Rowbottom) (Oxford: Oxford University Press).



(forthcoming) "Ought to Believe vs. Ought to Reflect" in McCain & Stapleford (eds.) Epistemic Duties: New Arguments, New Angles (under contract with Routledge). 
(2018) "Advice for Infallibilists: DIVORCE & RETREAT!Synthese 195 (9) pp. 3773 - 3789.
(2018) "Trust in the Guise of Belief" International Journal of Philosophical Studies 26(2) pp. 156 - 172 - 2nd Place Prize in Annual Robert Papazian Competition. 
(2018) "The Real Symbolic Limit of Markets" Analysis 78(2) pp. 198 - 207.
(2017) "Belief is Contingently Involuntary" Ratio 30(2) pp. 107 - 121. 
(2014) "Epistemic Ought is a Commensurable Ought  " European Journal of Philosophy 22 (4) pp. 529 - 539.
(2014) "Two Reasons Why Epistemic Reasons Are Not Object-Given Reasons " Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 89 (1) pp. 1 - 14. 
(2014) "On Some Recent Moves in Defence of Doxastic Compatibilism" Synthese 191 (8) pp. 1867 - 1880.
(2014) "Why Responsible Belief is Permissible Belief" (with Rik Peels) Analytic Philosophy 55 (1) pp. 75 - 88. 
(2012) "Epistemic Justification, Rights, and Permissibility" (with Rik Peels  ) Logos & Episteme 3 405 - 411. 
(2012) "All Things Considered Duties to Believe  " Synthese 187(2) pp. 509 - 517.
(2010) "Why Responsible Belief is Blameless Belief  " (with Rik Peels  ) The Journal of Philosophy 107 (5) pp. 257 - 265.
(2009) "Compatibilism and Free Belief   " Philosophical Papers Vol. 38 No. 1 pp. 1 - 12. 
(2009) "Motivating Epistemic Reasons for Action   " Grazer Philosophische Studien Vol. 78 pp. 265 - 271.
(2008) "Deontology in Ethics and Epistemology   " Metaphilosophy Vol. 39 No. 4-5 pp. 530 - 545.
(2008) "A New Argument for Pragmatism?" Philosophia Vol. 36 No. 2 pp. 227 - 231.
(2007) "The Two Faces of Evidentialism" Erkenntnis Vol. 67 No. 3 pp.  401 - 417.
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(2006) "Can There Be Epistemic Reasons for Action   ?" Grazer Philosophische Studien Vol. 73 pp. 133 - 144. 


(forthcoming): "Replies to Ahmed, Casey, Galston, Mills" for a symposium on my Islamic Philosophy and the Ethics of Belief at Syndicate Philosophy.
(forthcoming): "Some objections to Peels' Combinatorial Analysis of Belief" for a symposium on Rik Peels' book Responsible Belief in International Journal of Philosophical Studies.
(2017): Review of Stephen Hetherington Knowledge and the Gettier Problem for Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. 



"Rawlsian Liberalism and Political Islam: Friends or Foes?": Sources of Pluralism in Islamic Thought (organised by RESET: Dialogues on Civilisations) Casablanca, Morocco, July 2018. 

"The Primacy of Doxastic Ought Simpliciter": Epistemic Normativity Workshop, University of Luxembourg, March 2018. 

"Belief, Will, Ideology": Philosophy Research Seminar, Essex University, February 2018 & Philosophy Society, Sussex University, February 2018. 

"The Illusion of Doxastic Zero-Control": Responsibility for Attitudes Workshop, University of Southampton, June 2017. 

"Trust Doxasticism": Philosophy Research Seminar, University of Southampton, May 2017.

"How Epistemic Akrasia Works": Trust & Belief Workshop, Newnham College, Cambridge, April 2016.

"Prophecy and Certainty" Philosophy Society, University of Sussex, October 2015.

"The Real Symbolic Limits of the Market" 3rd Trusting Banks Workshop, Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge, June 2015.

"Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Belief, and Extremist Belief": Research Seminar (Research Group on Knowledge and Values), & "Introduction to Islamic Philosophy" Public Lecture, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, April 2015.

"Trusting and Intending": Research Seminar, University of Durham, February 2015.

"The Limits of Toleration": Panel discussion with Paul Davies, Katerina Deligiorgi, Simon McGregor and Rabbi Effune, University of Sussex, Meeting House (a Chaplaincy organised event), February 2015.

"Trusting and Intending": 2nd Trusting Banks Workshop, Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge, January 2015.

"Interest-Relative Risk and Credit Rating": Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference, St. Anne's College, Oxford (June 2014) & 1st Trusting Banks Workshop, Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge (November 2014).

"Al-Farabi on Certainty": Philosophy Society of England (Sussex Branch), Lewes, February 2014.

"Why is Belief Involuntary?": LEM seminar, Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, London, December 2013. 

"Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Belief": Sussex Research Seminars in Social and Political Theory, Brighton, October 2013.

"An Error-Theory We Can Believe": Cardiff Normativity Workshop, Cardiff, June 2013.

"The Ethics of Belief": Philosophy Society, University of Southampton, February, 2013. 

"On Suspended Judgement": Philosophy Society, University of Sussex, November 2012. 

"What do we aim at when we suspend judgement?" Inferentialism in the Philosophy of  Language, Mind & Action  , UNED, Madrid, October 2012.

"All Things Considered Duties to Believe" 2nd Dutch Annual Conference in Ethics and Ethical Theory, Groningen, The Netherlands, October 2010.
"Against Justification Infallibilism" Justification Revisited Conference, University of Geneva (accepted).

"Ethical Inconsistency" Practical Philosophy Seminar, Utrecht University, December 2009. 

"Reply to van Woudenberg" Responsible Belief in the Face of Disagreement, VU Amsterdam, August 2009.

"The Value of Justification" 2nd Workshop in Analytic Philosophy, VU Amsterdam, June 2009 & Departmental Colloquium, Eindhoven University, May 2009.

"The Value of Justification" Conference on Ernest Sosa, University of Zaragoza, Spain May 2009.

"The Sources of Epistemic Normativity" Graduate Conference on Normativity   , University of Amsterdam, August 2008 & The Place of Epistemic Agents: Autonomy and Dependence in Epistemology   , Carlos III University Madrid and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, October 2008.

"Doxastic Deontologism Defended" (with a reply by Miguel Angel Fernández) Seminario de Investigadores, Instituto de Investigaciones Filosoficás, UNAM, México, October 2007.  

Reply to DiNucci: "Automaticity and Davidsonian Rationalization" Postgraduate Conference on Action and Perception, University of Durham, August 2006.

Reply to Pellegrino: "Ethical Properties and Resultant Qualities: or, the Naturalism of W.D. Ross" Postgraduate Conference on Ethical Naturalism, St John's College, University of Durham, August 2006.

"Epistemic Reasons and Moral Realism" Joint Session of the Mind Association and Aristotelian Society (open session), University of Southampton, July 2006.

"Doxastic Voluntarism and Self-Deception" Philosophy Society, Queen's University Belfast, May 2006.

"Can there be Epistemic Reasons for Action?" Departmental Research Seminar, Department of Philosophy, University of Durham, February 2006.

"How to Defend the Unity of Justification" Unity of Reason Conference, University of St. Andrews, June 2005.

"Doxastic Voluntarism and Self Deception" Universities of Ireland Postgraduate Conference, Trinity College Dublin, April 2005.

"The Price of Having a Deontic Conception" Graduate Conference on Skepticism, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 2003.

"Arbitrariness, Reliabilism, and the Fate of Justification in Epistemology" SPPA Spring Conference, University of Edinburgh, April 2002.


I usually accept requests to referee papers, manuscripts and research funding proposals. I have acted as a referee/reader for:


American Philosophical Quarterly


Australasian Journal of Philosophy


Danish Council for Independent Research






Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 

European Journal for Philosophy of Religion

European Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Journal of Applied Philosophy

Journal of Consciousness Studies

Journal of Philosophical Research

Journal of Philosophy

Oxford University Press

Palgrave Macmillan

Pacific Philosophical Quarterly


Philosophical Explorations

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Philosophical Quarterly

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