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Honors Physics (11th, 12th grade): Honors Physics 1

Algebra 1:  Algebra 1

Advanced Algebra and Trig:  AAT

College Prep Calculus:  Calculus


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NGSS aligned CPS Science Curriculum:  Foundations for Physics Scope & Sequence

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Common Course Assessment Information:  Common Course Assessments

About Me:

LinkedIn Profile:  Link.

My Curriculum Vitae (04-17-15):  Link.

A photographic resume, updated in June of 2014:  Link.

West Coast Swing Flash Mob performance in Narragansett 09-02-17:  Link.

I have performed in several Ballroom Formation Teams at Floor Time Studios.  Videos can be seen here, and the Samba Formation Team video can be seen here.

I have helped choreograph a few routines for Bolts on Broadway.  Here's a Salsa routine:  Link.

A log of some of the D&D minis I have painted and chainmaille projects I have made:  Link.

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