Welcome to the Meyer lab in the Department of Biology, at the University of Rochester.

Lab News

November 2019: Congratulations to Benjamin Lehner for successfully defending his Ph.D.!

September 2019: Congratulations to Srikkanth for winning the best poster award at the SB4D workshop!

June 2019: Benjamin Lehner gives a TEDx talk about his vision for colonizing Mars using bacteria.

April 2019: Our paper on producing artificial mother-of-pearl using bacteria is published in Small and featured in 30+ news outlets.

March 2019: Congratulations to Dominik Schmieden for successfully defending his Ph.D.!

September 2018: The Meyer lab opens its doors at the University of Rochester, Department of Biology!

July 2018: Our paper showing that DNA compaction in stationary phase does not affect transcription is published in Cell.

May 2018: The Meyer lab will be moving to the University of Rochester's Department of Biology, starting Sept. 1!

April 2018: We are awarded an AOARD grant for 3D printing of engineered biofilms.

April 2018: Our K'NEX 3D printer that can create patterned, engineered biofilms is published in ACS Synthetic Biology.

Feb. 2018: Our paper on single-molecule fingerprinting in collaboration with the Joo lab is published in PNAS.

Dec. 2017: Anne is interviewed about 3D printing of bacteria in Scientific American and Science News.

Oct. 2017: Congratulations to Ewa for winning the poster prize at the Dutch Biophysics meeting!

Sept. 2017: Anne begins a sabbatical at the Erasmus Medical Center, Dept. Molecular Genetics.

March 2017: Benjamin's first paper is published in ACS Synthetic Biology and featured in Fox News, New Scientist, Digital Trends, Seeker, and many more news outlets!

Nov. 2016: We are awarded a FOM Vrij Programma grant.

Nov. 2016: Anne Meyer's TU Delft iGEM team won the awards for Best New Application project, Best Model, and Best Composite Part!

June 2016: Kuang Liang is awarded a CSC Joint Training Fellowship to do Ph.D. research in the Meyer and Aubin-Tam labs. Congratulations and welcome!

June 2016: We've published five papers so far in 2016; check them out on our Publications page.

May 2016: Congratulations to Michela de Martino, our first Ph.D. student to graduate!

Feb. 2016: Congratulations to Peter van Berg and Nadine Bongaerts for successfully defending their Master's theses!

Nov. 2015: We are awarded a NSFC-NWO Advanced materials grant.

Sept., 2015: Anne Meyer's iGEM team from TU Delft won the awards for Grand Prize (best in the world!), Best Hardware, Best Applied Design, and Best Wiki. Anne also won the Judges' Award. Amazing work, everyone!!

July, 2015: Vlad and Ilja's second paper together is published in the Journal of Bacteriology.

June, 2015: We are awarded a second NanoFront Synergy grant to pioneer biological patterning of graphene.

Aug., 2014: Congratulations to Maithili Krishnan for successfully defending her Master's thesis!

July, 2014: Congratulations to Melica Sia Poush for successfully defending her Bachelor's thesis!

April, 2013: We are awarded a NanoFront Synergy grant.

Dec., 2012: Congratulations to Jurriaan Sieben for successfully defending his Bachelor's thesis!

Nov., 2012: We are co-applicants on a successfully awarded Zwaartekracht grant.

Nov., 2012: Our first paper is currently in press at J. Vis. Exp.

Oct., 2012: Meyer lab research is featured in a Molecular Microbiology meeting review.

Oct., 2012: We are awarded a Projectruimte grant from FOM, the Dutch Physics Organization.

May, 2012: Vlad Karas successfully defended his Master's thesis and was awarded the Justus and Louise van Effen Research Grant - both in the same week!