I regularly teach graduate courses in my area of specialization, aesthetics (history and contemporary), including focused seminars on special topics (philosophy of poetry, aesthetic properties, theories of beauty, philosophy of literature, etc.).

At the undergraduate level I teach courses in philosophy of film, philosophy of literature, an upper-level introduction to aesthetics, as well as a general introduction to philosophy.

I have also taught undergraduate courses in the history of philosophy (classical Greek, early modern, and great figures in Spanish philosophy).

All student evaluations of TTU courses and instructors are freely available online at http://www.ttu.edu/courseinfo/evals. All courses I have taught and when are listed on my CV. My teaching dossier is available upon request.

2022-23 Schedule

Fall 2022

Spring 2023

  • On family leave.

Students: check out the TTU Library Philosophy Guide: https://guides.library.ttu.edu/philosophicalstudies/writing and this resources page from Simon Fraser University: http://www.sfu.ca/philosophy/resources.html