It is with great sadness to say

Good-Bye to our Pattie

CH Anna B Rose Heartbreaker

10/09/2007 - 9/29/2022

We Will Miss You Peppermint Pattie.

Anna B Rose Kennels, LLC

Wishes the Chance~Retta Bunch

A Happy Birthday!


Waylon, Axel, Snickers, Pistachio, Buckshot, Ranger, Duchess, Remi, Butch & Gertie!

Buckshot Pistachio Waylon Snickers Gertie

Axel Butch & Axel Remi

Axel with his Limit of ND Sharptail Grouse Butch & Axel's First Hunt Test 2020


Anna B Rose A Thumb To The Eye JH

It is with great sadness to say

Good-Bye to our Misty & Her Daughter Sandrea

CH Rao's Play Misty For Anna B Rose CH Anna B Rose Misting On Zoroaster

"Misty" "Sandrea"

04/07/2004 - 01/20/2020 04/29/2008 - 08/05/2021

"May Their light shine forever"

Butch's First Ruffed Grouse

Duchess (Retta & Chance's girl) 2019


07/09/2001- 10/19/2010

See Rusty's Hunt

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