Welcome !!

I am Anjali Devaki Sankaranarayanan (Anjali D S), a web-developer by profession. Welcome to my homepage. Here you can browse through various information about me and my work.

Highlights :

  • Freelance/Consultant Web-developer : Web-programming professional with expertise in PHP, MySQL, Django and CMS. 7.5 years of work experience in various web technologies with various companies.

  • Tax Return Preparer(TRP) : I am a trained tax return preparer with the IT Department of Government of India. I am authorized as/to (1) Prepare and file Returns of individual and HUF taxpayers (2) Prepare and file quarterly TDS statements (3) Registered e-Return Intermediaries.

What is new?

  • Oct 2016 : Started working as Consultant Web developer in Jivasss Technologies, Chennai. In parallel, I also take up freelance projects in web development.