The shiniest image viewer in the known universe

About ShinyPic

ShinyPic is a slick and shiny image viewer which runs incredibly quickly and efficiently. It is currently on version 1.0, and can be downloaded using the links below.


    • View large numbers of images all at once with the dynamic mouse motion-driven gallery view

    • Fast and intuitive interface
    • No clunky scrollbars for panning around images or scrolling through files - all movement is controlled by moving your mouse around the screen

    • Powerful full-size viewer lets you zoom in on tiny details, with panning controlled by mouse movement

    • Handles hundreds of images simultaneously with ease

    • Incredibly low CPU usage when idle - does only what it says on the tin without trying to take over your computer (like a lot of image programs do these days)


Windows installer package

Click here to download a quick and easy installer package for ExeSoft ShinyPic version 1.0.

Source code

Click here to download the Python source code and files for ExeSoft ShinyPic version 1.0. You will need Python and the PyGame librrary installed to run this.

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