Collection of Career Guides

Kwan Choi's How to Publish in Top Journals

John Cochrane's Writing Tips for Ph.D. Students

Dan Hamermesh's Top 10 Tips for Junior Faculty on Jump-Starting Your Career

Dan Hamermesh's The Young Economist's Guide to Professional Etiquette

Dan Hamermesh's Professional Etiquette for the Mature Economist

Greg Mankiw's Advice for New Junior Faculty

Greg Mankiw's My Rules of Thumb

- My favorite quote "the secret to a happy life: find out what you like to do, and then find someone who will pay you to do it."

William Thomson's A Guide for the Young Economist

Hal Varian's How to Build an Economic Model in Your Spare Time

Advice for Prospective Graduate Students

Susan Athey's Advice for Applying to Economics Grad Schools

Miles Kimball and Noah Smith's Guide to Getting into an Economics PhD Program

Greg Mankiw's Advice for Aspiring Economists

Greg Mankiw's Choosing a Graduate Program

Greg Mankiw's PhD or not?

Greg Mankiw's Working Before Grad School