The Animal Nutrition Unit is a multidisciplinary team focused on the improvement of animal feeding and nutrition, particularly of ruminants. Nutrition plays a major role on the quality and characteristics of ruminants edible products, as milk, dairy products and meat. Additionally, the environmental impact of ruminant production is also linked with diet. By altering the diet composition and feeding strategies the Animal Nutrition Unit aims to improve animal health, production, and quality and valorization of animal products while decreasing its environmental impact, both by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and pollutant charges of nitrogen excretion to land and watercourses. Non-invasive techniques to study animal metabolism to evaluate animal performance, environmental impact, and the development of new analytical methodologies, are also topics of interest.

Animal Nutrition Unit is also a participant of the SANFEEED programme (Sustainable Animal Nutrition and Feeding), a new doctoral Animal Science programme in an industrial setting funded by Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology that is now starting. This programme is coordinated by the Abel Salazar Institute for Biomedical Sciences in the University of Porto. For more information please check the web page of SANFEED.

Animal Nutrition Unit is part of GABAI and REQUIMTE.