I am not sure where to start, there are just too many things that we are not told.

I was once happy to do my job and be quiet. I assumed that as long as I played my part I would be happy and live a healthy life.

My bubble was burst when I realized that when a large company makes a choice, they often choose that is best for profit and not what is best for the health of the consumer.

I was then further bothered when I discovered that in some cases, health is the least thing on some company's interests. In some cases, your non-wellness is sometimes the goal itself.

There are goals that you become dependent on 'the system', a consumer.

If you take the time to have a garden and supply yourself with some of your food needs, or if you have a farm or a water well of your own, you are that much less dependent on the system.

If you actually ate healthy food, that contained the vitamins & minerals you need to build and maintain your body as apposed to the mass produced food that they add sweet tasting chemicals, colors, things to make it last longer on the shelf...

If you become less dependent on the system, then there is that much less control of you the system has.

But you need to first admit that most of what you do on any given day is not good for you and companies want your money, not your health.

Then lets look at "We the people" who created a government to help us maintain some order. Like a security company, we have a contract. The contract limits there power to that we wish them to have and at one point restricted them from what they could not do, but as time goes on, we are one by one chipping away at the contract with every regulation and rule that is pushed through to keep us "safe". The company we set in place is slowly being turned against us. The troops will soon be coming home, not be with there family, but to make sure what we the people are doing as we are told. Our security company will soon be our baby sitters. But the time outs will be a FEMA camp.

Please, I wish more people would wake up and see the wall of laws being built around us.

What can I do to help you wake up?