Black Holes, Holography and Strings

A Celebration of the Science of
Andrew Strominger

Harvard University
Department of Physics

July 30-31, 2015

(Photo: H. Ooguri)

This conference aims to bring together a diverse group of physicists and educators whose career paths have intersected with Andy's and who share his passion for Physics.

In addition to talks scheduled for Thursday, July 30 and Friday, July 31, there will be a banquet on Thursday evening. Please see the conference schedule for more details.


Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS)

Frederik Denef (Columbia)

Steve Giddings (UCSB)

Rajesh Gopakumar (HRI)

Jeff Harvey (Chicago)

Gary Horowitz (UCSB)

Juan Maldacena (IAS)

Shiraz Minwalla (TIFR)

Greg Moore (Rutgers)

Joe Polchinski (KITP)

Nathan Seiberg (IAS)

Tadashi Takayanagi (YITP/Kavli IPMU)

Cumrun Vafa (Harvard)