Andrew Atkeson's Research UCLA Department of Economics

Updated January 2012

Contact Information

Andrew Atkeson
Stanley M. Zimmerman Professor
of Economics and Finance
Department of Economics
Bunche Hall 9379
PO Box 951477
Los Angeles, CA 90095
(866) 312 9770

U.S. Citizen
Date of Birth: July 1, 1961


Ph.D. Economics, 1988
Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.

BA Economics, 1983
Yale University

Employment and Professional:

Stanley Zimmerman Professor
of Eonomics of Finance 2006-present
Professor, 2000-present
Department of Economics, UCLA

Economist, 1998-2000
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Associate Professor, 1997-1999
Department of Economics, University of Minnesota

Assistant Professor, 1993-1997
Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania

Assistant Professor, 1988-1994
Department of Economics, University of Chicago

Associate Editor, Quarterly Journal of Economics 
Foreign Editor, Review of Economic Studies

Former Member, Board of Editors, American Economic Review 
Former Member, Board of Editors, Journal of Economic Literature 
Former Coeditor, Journal of International Economics
Former Associate Editor, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking
Former Panelist, National Science Foundation Economics Program 

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economics Research
Fellow, Econometric Society