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01 Big Bright Beautiful World.mp3
10 What's Up, Duloc_ (Reprise).mp3
08 What's Up, Duloc_ (Part 2).mp3
03 Story Of My Life.mp3
12 I Know It's Today.mp3
23 Make A Move.mp3
38 I'm A Believer.mp3
14 Travel Song.mp3
29 Freak Flag.mp3
17 Forever.mp3
26 Morning Person (Reprise).mp3
19 This Is How A Dream Comes True.mp3
37 Finale.mp3
21 Morning Person.mp3

Rehearsal Schedules! Please click on the links to see the rehearsal schedules for the next three months.

September Rehearsal Schedule

October Rehearsal Schedule

November Rehearsal Schedule

Those who are double cast will be in the scene as ensemble on the night they are not playing their main role.