Since 2010 I am organizing regular research workshops in labour economics. The idea of these workshops is to provide a platform for discussion of new research avenues and recent theoretical and empirical advances in the field. Emphasis is typically placed at, yet not limited to, search and matching theory and/or structural econometrics.

From 2010 till 2016 the workshops were organized at the University of Mainz together with Klaus Wälde. From 2017 onwards the workshops continue at the University of Kent (Canterbury), organized jointly with Amanda Gosling. Many of these are SaM events. In 2013 I was a local organizer of the 3rd Annual SaM Conference.

For the list of past and future workshops please see below.

Kent Workshop in Labour Economics

 Date TitleKeynote speaker(s)
Jul 14
Labour supply, employment and policy
Costas Meghir (Yale University)
Mainz Workshop in Labour Economics

 Date TitleKeynte speaker(s)
 2016Jun 21
Search and matching theorySusan Vroman (Georgetown University)
 2015Oct 1
Workers and firmsJean-Marc Robin (SciencesPo / UCL)
 2014Oct 9Labour market policyPierre Cahuc (Ecole Polytechnique / CREST)
 2013May 15-17
3rd Annual Conference of the European Search and Matching Network (SaM)Gianluca Violante (New York Univeristy)
Claudio Michelacci (CEMFI, Madrid)
Juan Dolado (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
 2012Apr 30
Search, matching and unemploymentMelvyn Coles (University of Essex)
 2011May 9New developments in the theory of a frictional labour marketPhilipp Kircher (University of Edinburgh)
 Apr 4-5
Theory and empirics of an imperfect labour marketFabien Postel-Vinay (UCL)
 Feb 18
Migration, discrimination, inequality and poverty
Daniel Hamermesh (University of Texas at Austin)
 2010Jun 8
Economics and econometrics of a labour marketRobert Sauer (University of Bristol)
Bart Cockx (University of Gent)