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This page contains syllabi and selected comments for courses I have taught at the University of Kentucky. The table below lists the scores given in student evaluations for each course. You can download the entire report of teaching evaluations here.

Course Name  Term Students Course Rating (out of 5) Instructor Rating (out of 5)
Introductory MacroeconomicsFall 2015 38 3.8 3.9
Business and Economic StatisticsSpring 2016 41 4.3 4.5
Introductory Macroeconomics (Online)Summer 2017 14 4.6 4.4
Intermediate Macroeconomic TheoryFall 2017 46 3.9 3.7
Business and Economic Statistics    Spring 2018  37, 344.4, 4.5 4.5, 4.7 

Selected Comments

Introductory Macroeconomics

"Mr. Jonelis is a strong teacher. His background in professional work is evident in his teaching style; he is to the point and does a good job of filling in holes in his students' knowledge when they ask questions. He seems to be able to read his classroom well and prods his students to make sure that they are making sense of the material." 

"He knew the material well and seemed to enjoy teaching it"

Business and Economic Statistics

"Andrew was one of the best teachers I and my class mates have ever had. He gets us to interact during class and actually learn."

"[Mr.] Jonelis did a great job of slowing down the material for my class. When the material became confusing, he would slow it down and give plenty of examples to help our class better understand the material."

"He was [an instructor] that really wanted every student to understand. He never wanted to leave someone lost about the material. I would recommend him for everyone to take."

"I really like his relationship with students. At first I thought he was really intimidating and with groups he moved me to the front row which scared me. However, I really respect his outlook on education and his love for students."

Intermediate Macroeconomics

"This class by no means was easy but all of the information was extremely applicable for future career opportunities and in fact a presentation I did in this class helped me gain certain internship positions because it helped me display strong analytical skills"

"Mr. Jonelis is insightful with what is going on in the world. He encourages people to answer questions and come to office hours."

"He really cares about the material we are learning and wants us to cultivate deeper critical thinking skills in regards to economic topics, which I really appreciate."

"He is knowledgeable about macro/its applications/current events, which makes class more interesting and the material easy to learn. He is always easy to reach/available and willing to put in time/effort if students are. The first week, he made sure to learn names/facts about students, which 1. was awesome and 2. made the classroom more comfortable and made him more approachable."

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