Andrew Fenelon

I'm a sociologist and demographer studying social inequalities in health and well-being. I'm currently an NIH Postdoctoral fellow in the Population Studies & Training Center at Brown University! My current research focuses on social stratification, race/ethnicity, and health. I am currently examining the relationship between medical innovation and race/ethnic disparities in infant health using data from 1983-2009.

I received my PhD in sociology and demography from the University of Pennsylvania. My dissertation examined the role of health behaviors in the Hispanic and immigrant longevity advantages in the United States.

My publications are available here and my curriculum vitae can be seen here.

My research on the Hispanic Paradox was mentioned in Time, Scientific American, and the New York Times! Check it out.

Contact info:
Population Studies & Training Center
Brown University, Box 1836
Providence, RI 02912
(805) 886-6586