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I’m standing as no.2 Liberal Democrat candidate for Alnwick in the County Council elections on 4th May. I am pleased to support Heather Cairns, our no.1 Lib Dem candidate (pictured with me above) - she has a well established reputation in representing the people of Alnwick.
I would like to see Alnwick represented by locally-rooted Liberal Democrats who will support local residents, defend vital services and seek a fair deal for this part of Northumberland, in the face of Tory budget cuts and a Labour-dominated County Council.
Use your vote on 4th May and show that local democracy matters.
Join the Liberal Democrat revival and vote for Heather Cairns and Andrew Duff.
I've lived and worked most of my life in the North East, and based here in Alnwick for almost 10 years. I worked for over 30 years in leading-edge tourism and heritage roles.
I understand the value of our heritage and visitor economy, and I care a great deal about the quality of life, environment and opportunities for young people in our part of Northumberland.
I have a track record of supporting local community activities, including Alnwick International Music Festival and a local youth work charity.