Peer Reviewed Publications
(last update: November 18, 2019) 

        • Savings in Latin America: A Second Look from a Neoclassical Perspective (with Ayse Imrohoroglu and Cesar Tamayo) - IMF Economic Review, 67, 2019, 791-823.

        • Foreign Corporate Debt, Spreads, and Economic Activity in Emerging Economies: An Empirical Investigation (with Julian Caballero and Jongho Park) - Journal of International Economics, 118, 2019, 160-178.

        • Sharing a Ride in the Commodities Roller Coaster: Common Factors in Business Cycles of Emerging Economies, (with Andrés González and Diego Rodríguez) - Journal of International Economics, 111,  2018, 99-121.

        • World Shocks, World Prices, And Business Cycles: An Empirical Investigation (with Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe) - Journal of International Economics,108, May 2017, S2-S14 (lead article).

        • Bond Finance, Bank Credit, and Aggregate Fluctuations in an Open Economy (with Roberto Chang and Adam Gulan) - Journal of Monetary Economics, 85(C), 2017, 90-109. Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference Series on Public Policy.

        • Further Evidence on the Usefulness of Real-Time Datasets for Economic Forecasting (with Norm Swanson) - Quantitative Finance and Economics, 1(1), 2017, 2-25.

        • Capital Control Measures: A New Dataset, (with Michael Klein, Martin Schindler, Alessandro Rebucci and Martín Uribe) - IMF Economic Review, Vol. 64 (3), 2017.
              • NBER working paper
              • Link to dataset. (NEW UPDATE: includes years 2014 and 2015) In using this dataset the appropriate citation is Andrés Fernández, Michael Klein, Alessandro Rebucci, Martin Schindler, and Martín Uribe, 2015. "Capital Control Measures: A New Dataset", NBER Working Paper No. 2097
              • Blogs in EconBrowser (March/2016), VOX-EU (April/2015) 

          • From Institutions to Financial Development and Growth: What are the Links? (with Cesar Tamayo), Journal of Economic Surveys, Vol. 31, No. 1, pp.17-57, 2017.

                  • Are Capital Controls Countercyclical?, (with Alessandro Rebucci and Martín Uribe) - Lead Article, Journal of Monetary Economics, 76, (2015) 1-14.
                    • Dataset used (EXCEL). In using this dataset the appropriate citation is: Andrés Fernández, Alessandro Rebucci, and Martín Uribe, 2014. "Are Capital Controls Countercyclical?", Mimeo, Columbia University. 
                    • Link to NBER Working Paper (No. 19671) and Expanded Appendix

                  • Informal Employment and Business Cycles in Emerging Economies: The Case of Mexico, (with Felipe Meza). Review of Economic Dynamics, 18 (2015), 381-405.


                  • Interest Rates, Leverage, and Business Cycles in Emerging Economies: The Role of Financial Frictions, (with Adam Gulan). American Economic Journal - Macroeconomics, 2015, 7(3), 153-188.



                  • "Tropical" Real Business Cycles? A Bayesian Exploration. Ensayos sobre Política Económica, Vol. 28, No. 61, 2010, 60-105. 


                  • Information in the Revision Process of Real-Time Datasets (with Valentina Corradi and Norman R. Swanson) Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Vol. 27, No. 4, October 2009, 455-467.  


                  • Structural Reforms, Macroeconomic Impact and Monetary Policy in Colombia (translation). Desarrollo y Sociedad. Vol. 51. Marzo 2003, 55-128.
                  Work in Progress
                  • Competition-Adjusted Measures of Real Exchange Rates (with Ernesto Stein, Samuel Rosenow, and Victor Zuluaga)

                  • Downward Nominal Wage Rigidities and Inflation Targeting in Emerging Economies (with Martín Uribe)

                  • On Fiscal Procyclicality and Market Incompleteness (with Ruy Lama, Carlos Vegh, and Guillermo Vuletin)  – First draft coming soon.

                  • Sticky Capital Controls (with Miguel Acosta and Laura Alfaro) 

                  • Commodity Prices as Transmitters of Global Shocks (with Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe)

                  Other Working Papers 
                  • Equilibrium Unemployment during Financial Crises, February/2013 (with Juan David Herreño)
                  •  Labor, Output and Consumption in Business Cycle Models of Emerging Economies: A Comment, September/2011 (with Felipe Meza)
                  • On the Relevance of Real-Time Datasets in Forecasting, May/2011 (with Norman R. Swanson)
                  • Capital Flows and Business Cycles in Latin America During the 1920s-30s, a Second Look From a Neoclassical Perspective, September/2008
                  • Balance of payments crises under fixed exchange rate in Colombia: 1938-1967, February/2006  (with Fabio Sanchez and Armando Armenta)
                  Chapters in books
                  • Firms’ Productivity as an Engine for Saving. In Eduardo Cavallo and Tomás Serebrisky (eds.) (2016) "Saving for Development. How Latin America Can Save more and Better". Inter-American Development Bank (with Cesar Tamayo and Matias Busso)
                    • Weblink to the book

                  • Monetary History of Colombia during the XXth Century: Main Trends and Key Episodes (translation).  In James Robinson and Miguel Urrutia (eds.) (2007) "The Colombian Economy in the Twentieth Century: A Quantitative Analysis" (translation). Fondo de Cultura Económica y Banco de la República. (with Fabio Sanchez and Armando Armenta)