Records II

Shopping Paris 

                   Three Pineapples                    Tomatoes and Corn             Lemons Lime Striped base               Oranges w Leaves
                                                            Fish Market  w Salmon                       Fish Market w Oysters
                      Senlis Winter Blue                              Senlis Feuilles and Grains                          Senlis Winter Green
Paris Shops
                                         Hat Shop                                      Handbag Shop                                    Shoe Shop


              Miro's Farm with Two Trees                     Miro's Farm Day w Three Trees                       Miro's Farm Night Time
Tuscan Farms 


   Mosaic Flowers       

   Mosaic Flowers 1                 Mosaic Flowers 2                  Mosaic Flowers 3                           Mosaic Flowers collage
            Palm 4 Purple Trunk      Palm 2 Thick Single Brown    Palm 1 Thin single Brown      Palm 5 Double Trunk             Palm 3 Green Trunk

                Ferns 1                                   Ferns 2                                Ferns 3                                  Ferns 4

Floral Squares
                                                  Teal on Brown                                                              Brown on Teal

                  Topiary 1                         Topiary AP                         Topiary 2                           Topiary 3                              Topiary 4

Livia's Garden


                 Frangipani                                             Eucalyptus                                                              Mimosa
Twig Baskets



                    Atlantic City                           Monte Carlo                                Biloxi                                     Vegas
                                           Billiard Balls                                                                Playing Cards

Girlie Things

                      Shelf with clutch                               Shelf with Pearls                                         Savons

                        Lilac Soap                                   Fig Soap                                    Flower Soap                             Gardenia Soap
                    Vanity with Rose                                     Vanity with Slippers                                   Vanity with Pouf
                                                                                             Bathroom Shelf

                                 Marguerite                           Jacinthe                              Pivoine                               Cypres
                                                                                            Paris Gowns
           Fuschia on Green                 Blue on Orange                  Orange on Plum             Chartreuse on Purple                  Red on Blue
            Yellow Corset on Blue       Pink Panties and Cami    Bra and Panites on Yellow   Yellow Baby Doll on Pink     Blue Bra set on Green
          Hats Collage no borders                        Pink Hat w Red Ribbons             Green Hat w Blue Flowers              Green Hat w Ribbon             
Bathing Suits        
           Blue Boot w Flowers           Striped Paisley Boot       Purple w Striped Flwrs              Brown Boot                 Maroon w Pink Flwrs