Incredible India

                        Ganga - Goddess of the Ganges Embroidery                                      Lakshmi Embroidery

Indian Matchboxes
                            Indian Match box cover               
                                   Matchbox w Flowers                           Matchbox w blue birds
                   Mathcbox w Swans                            Matchbox w Peacock                           Matchbox w Canary
                                                                   Truck decoration with Bird                                                           
                                Elephant Parade Facing Right                                                           Elephant Parade Facing Left
       Elephant Cartouche right                                                      Elephant Cartouche Left                       Elephant Cartouche AP
                          Ganga                               Lakshmi Yellow                                     Durga                                      Lakshmi                                    
    Taj Floral Red asymetric        Taj Floral Red Symetric      Taj Floral Green Asymetric     Taj Floral GreenSymetric         Taj Floral Green with
                                                                                                 with 2 Bees                     with 2 Butterflies                   One Butterfly
                       All artwork is copyright Andrea Strongwater and may not be used without permission of the artist.