Andra J. (Reed) Garner

I am currently an NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow, working with the Sea Level Research group and Earth System Science and Policy lab group in the Institute of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Rutgers University. My research focuses on changing flood risk in New York City during the past millennium and in coming centuries due to tropical cyclones, storm surge, and sea level rise. I earned my Ph.D. from Penn State University in August 2016, working with Dr. Michael E. Mann in the Department of Meteorology. I am a mathematician, turned atmospheric chemist, turned climate scientist. A brief portion of my graduate research was in the field of atmospheric chemistry, focusing on a comparison of ground and satellite-based retrievals of ozone and nitrogen dioxide. However, my true research interests lie in the realm of climate science, where my Ph.D. research was focused on the impacts of climate change on tropical cyclones and their resultant storm surges, as well as on the rising sea levels upon which those storm surges occur.