Andra J. (Reed) Garner

I am an Assistant Professor at Rowan University in the Department of Environmental Science. 

In the past, my research has included studies investigating the changing flood risk in New York City from the past millennium through the year 2300 due to tropical cyclones, storm surge, and sea-level rise.  I have also worked on projects related to the evolution of  sea-level rise projections, which included the development of a comprehensive database of global sea-level rise projections for the year 2100.  

Currently, I am continuing research related to the impacts of a changing climate on natural hazards, including increasing flood risks associated with tsunamis and sea-level rise, evolving characteristics of tropical cyclones in a changing climate, and changing flood risks related to storm surge and rising sea levels.  

In addition to working on innovative research projects related to climate change, I am committed to bringing this important science to the public.  I have spoken about my work at the NJ March for Science, as well as at events hosted by groups such as the New Jersey Sierra Club and Society of American Military Engineers.  I provided scientific input for the PBS documentary series "Sinking Cities", and regularly visit high school classrooms to share my work with the next generation of climate scientists.  I also regularly discuss climate change and its coastal impacts with members of the media.

News and Announcements

Recently funded NSF CAREER Grant:  Leveraging Past Projections of Sea-level Rise to Reduce Uncertainty of Future Sea-level Change

Latest research published in Earth's FutureEvaluating Knowledge Gaps in Sea-level Rise Assessments from the United States

Student-led research published in Nature Scientific Reports: Varying Genesis and Landfall Locations for North Atlantic Tropical Cyclones in a Warming Climate

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