Past Events


APA, Eastern Division, January 3-6, 2018, Savannah, Georgia

First session, G6A (Thursday Early Afternoon, Noon–2:00 p.m.)
Chair: Ann Cahill (Elon University)
Brian Montgomery (University of Texas at El Paso), “You Don’t Really Mean That: Anti-Pornography Strategies and Epistemic Injustices”
Samia Hesni (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “Leave-Taking and Illocutionary Frustration”
Sara Kolmes (Georgetown University), “Smothering and Epistemological Excess”

Second session, G11D (Friday Late Morning, 11:15 a.m.–1:15 p.m.)
Chair: Kathryn J. Norlock (Trent University)
Jordan A. Shaw (Washington University in St. Louis), “Contra ‘Wrongful Procreation’ in Dark Ghettos”
Valerie Williams (Boston University), “Mary Wollstonecraft: An Overlooked Insight into Women’s Oppression”
Charlotte Figueroa (University of Oxford), “On the Distinction between Objectifying Attitudes and Objectifying Actions”


APA Pacific Division, April 2017 - Seattle

Session I: Sex, Sexuality, and Romantic Relationships
Chair: Robin May Schott (Danish Institute for International Studies)
Speaker: Esa Diaz-Leon (Universitat de Barcelona), “Amatonormativity and Hermeneutical Injustice”
Speaker: Nanette Ryan (Georgetown University), “Self-respecting Sex”
Speaker: Matthew Salett Andler (University of Virginia), “The Social Structure of Sexuality”
Session II: Critical Race Feminism, Injustice, and Identity
Chair: Esa Diaz-Leon (Universitat de Barcelona)
Speaker: Tasha G. Davis (Governors State University), “My Sister’s Keeper: The Need for Persistence and Retention Mentoring Programs for Underrepresented Undergraduate Black Women”
Speaker: Roksana Alavi (University of Oklahoma), “Race Versus Ethnicity, and Its Implications for Group Racial Identity”
Speaker: Nora Berenstain (University of Tennessee), “Whitewashing Hermeneutical Injustice”

APA Central Division, March 2017 - Kansas City 

Session I: Social Norms and Structural Injustice

Chair: Charlotte Witt (University of New Hampshire)
Speaker: Ann J. Cahill (Elon University), “Title IX: An Argument against Broad Mandatory Reporting Policies”
Speaker: Jessica Payson (Bentley University), “The ‘Meta’ Level of Integrity: Integrity in the Context of Structural Injustice”
Speaker: Audrey Yap (University of Victoria), “Argumentation, Adversariality and Social Norms”

Session II. Reconsidering ‘Fragility’: What Can Nonsense Do for You?

Speaker: Melissa M. Kozma (University of Wisconsin Colleges)
Speaker: Megan Mitchell (Stonehill College)
Speaker: Jeanine Weekes Schroer (University of Minnesota, Duluth)

Society for Analytical Feminism 4th Conference, September 2016 - University of Massachusetts Lowell
Analytical Feminism: Past, Present, & Future
Co-sponsored by University of Massachusetts Lowell and Boston University

Keynote Speakers: 
Nancy Bauer (Tufts University) “Ideology and Philosophy” 
Teresa Blankmeyer Burke (Gallaudet University) “On Developing a Deaf Feminism: Language, Modality, and Culture”
Tommie Shelby (Harvard University) “Injustice, Reproduction, and the Ghetto Poor

The full conference program can be found at THIS LINK.  


APA Pacific Division, April 2016 - San Francisco

Session I:  Feminism, Contextualism, and Virtue Epistemology
Chair:  Sharon Crasnow (Norco College)
Speaker:  Kristina Rolin (University of Helsinki), "The politics of epistemic responsibility"
Speaker:  Nancy Daukas (Guilford College), "Feminist contextualism and transformative criticism in epistemology"
Speaker:  Evelyn Brister (Rochester Institute of Technology), "Epistemic contextualism, skepticism, and knowledge as politics"

Session II:  Author Meets Critics: Nancy Bauer's How To Do Things With Pornography  
Chair:  Ann Cahill (Elon University)
Author:  Nancy Bauer (Tufts University)
Critic:  Lori Watson (University of San Diego)
Critic:  Lynne Tirrell (University of Massachusetts Boston)
Critic:  Carol Hay (University of Massachusetts Lowell)

APA Central Division, March 2016 - Chicago
Session I:  Feminist Epistemologies
Chair:  Kathryn J. Norlock (Trent University)
Speaker:  Pieranna Garavaso (University of Minnesota Morris), "Some Theoretical Issues surrounding the “Why So Few Women?” Question" 
Commentator:  Anita Superson (University of Kentucky)
Speaker:  Ayanna Spencer (Michigan State University), "Say Her Name: Epistemic Violence in the Fight Against Police Brutality" 
Commentator:  Myisha Cherry (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Speaker:  Nora Berenstain (University of Tennessee Knoxville), "Epistemic Exploitation" 
Commentator:  Kristie Dotson (Michigan State University

Session II:  Remembering Claudia Card
Chair:  Robin S. Dillon (Lehigh University)
Speaker:  Diana Meyers (University of Connecticut)
Speaker:  Lynne Tirrell (University of Massachusetts-Boston)

APA Eastern Division, January 2016 - Washington D.C.

Session I: The Feminist Philosophy of Claudia Card
Chair:  Robin S. Dillon (Lehigh University)
Speaker:  Mavis Biss (Loyola University Maryland)
Speaker:  Victoria Davion (University of Georgia)
Speaker:  Kathryn J. Norlock (Trent University)

Session II:  Feminist Political Liberalism
Chair:  Amy Baehr (Hofstra University)
Speaker:  Gina Schouten (Illinois State University), "Access to Equality" 
Speakers:  Christie Hartley (Georgia State University) & Lori Watson (University of San Diego), "Sex Equality and Public Reason"
Speaker:  Elizabeth Edenberg (Vanderbilt University), "Feminism and Diversity in Political Liberalism"


Hypatia conference: Exploring Collaborative Contestations/Diversifying Philosophy 
May 2015, Villanova University

SAF Sponsored Session: Feminist Rereadings of the Canon
Chair:  Carol Hay (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
Speaker:  Dilek Huseyinzadegan (Emory University) “What's Kant got to do with it? Constructive Complicity & Feminist Re-readings of the Canon”
Speaker:  Alice MacLachlan (York University) “Partial Spectators: Adam Smith and the Politics of Empathy”
Speaker:  Susanne Sreedhar (Boston University) “Contracting Gender: Women and Early Modern Political Thought”
Speaker:  Charlotte Witt (University of New Hampshire) “Why the History of Philosophy Matters to Feminist Theory” 

APA Pacific Division, April 2015 - Vancouver

Session I:  Harm, Agency, and the Problems of the ‘Victim'
Chair:  Robin S. Dillon (Lehigh University)
Speaker:  Diana Tietjens Meyers (University of Connecticut) "Varieties of Victims/Varieties of Agency"
Speaker:  Robin May Schott (Danish Institute for International Studies) “Victims, Vulnerability, and Social Suffering”
Speaker:  Daniel Silvermint (University of Connecticut) “Complicity and Well-being”

Session II:  Meaning and Causality
Chair:  Robin S. Dillon (Lehigh University)
Speaker:  Sharon Crasnow (Norco College) "Feminist Research: Ontology, Methodology, and Causation"
Speaker:  Georgia Warnke (University of California, Riverside) “Understanding and Feminist Research”
Commentators:  Sharyn Clough (Oregon State University), Joanne Waugh (University of South Florida)

APA Central Division, February 2015 - St. Louis

Session I
Chair:  Robin S. Dillon (Lehigh University)
Speaker:  Asha Bhandary (University of Iowa) “Dependency Care and Multiculturalism”
Commentator:  Serene Khader (Brooklyn College, CUNY)
Speaker:  Robin Dembroff (Princeton University) “What is Sexual Orientation?”
Commentator:  Esa Diaz-Leon (University of Manitoba)
Speakers:  Jeanine Weekes Schroer (University of Minnesota Duluth) & Melissa Kozma (University of Wisconsin, Barron County) "The Integrity Privilege: The Hows and Whys of Who Gets to be a Social Justice Hero"
Commentator:  Clair Morrissey (Occidental College)

Session II:  Epistemic Friction and Responsible Knowing: Reflections on José Medina's The Epistemology of Resistance
Chair:  Robin Dillon (Lehigh University)
Speakers:  Lorraine Code (York University), Saba Fatima (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Michael Doan (Eastern Michigan University), Ami Harbin (Oakland University)
Respondents:  José Medina (Vanderbilt University), Andrea Pitts (Vanderbilt University)

APA Eastern Division, December 2014 - Philadelphia

Memorial Session in Honor of Jean Harvey
Chair: Robin S. Dillon (Lehigh University)
Speaker: Carol Hay (University of Massachusetts Lowell) "Resisting Oppression with Jean Harvey"
Speaker: Kathryn Norlock (Trent University) "Jean Harvey & Companion Animals"


APA Pacific Division, April 2014 - San Diego 

Author meets Critics: Carol Hay's Kantianism, Liberalism, & Feminism: Resisting Oppression (2013)
Chair:   Robin S. Dillon (Lehigh University)
Author:  Carol Hay (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
Critic:  Helga Varden (University of Illinois)
Critic:  Samantha Brennan (Western University)
Critic:  Amy R. Baehr (Hofstra University)

Chair:  Marilyn Friedman (Vanderbilt University)
Speaker:  Marina Oshana (University of California, Davis) "Autonomy, Freedom, and Control"
Speaker:  Emily McGill (Vanderbilt University) "Relational Autonomy and the Self"
Speaker:  Serene Khader (SUNY at Stonybrook) "Rethinking Relational Autonomy"

APA Central Division, February 2014 - Chicago

           Chair:  Robin S. Dillon (Lehigh University)
           Speaker:  Dan López de Sa (ICREA-Universitat de Barcelona) “Women Can Be People: A Response to Witt's Metaphysics of Gender”
                   Commentator:  Julinna Oxley (Coastal Carolina University)
           Speaker:  Mari Mikkola (Humboldt-Universität Berlin) “Pornographic Artefacts: Maker’s-Intentions Models”
                   Commentator: Louise Antony (University of Massachusetts)
           Speaker:  Zac Cogley (Northern Michigan University) “Blaming the Victim”
                   Commentator: Anita Superson (University of Kentucky)

APA Eastern Division, December 2013 - Baltimore

Feminist History and Philosophy of Science
Chair:  Jennifer Ingle (Clemson University)
Speaker:  Joanne Waugh (University of South Florida, Tampa) "Body Matters: Women, Material Culture, and the Philosophy of Science"
Speaker:  Sharon Crasnow (Norco College) "Women and Science: What We Can Learn From Studying Cases"
Speaker:  Janet Kourany (University of Notre Dame) "History and Philosophy of Science: The Traditional and the Feminist Style Marriage"
Speaker:  Christia Mercer (Columbia University) “Creating Women Ex Nihilo or Why It’s So Hard to Do Feminist History of Philosophy: The Case of Anne Conway”


APA Pacific Division, March 2013 - San Francisco

The Metaphysics of Sex (Differences) and Sexual Orientation: In or Out of the Social Change Recipe?
Chair: Saray Ayala (Carlos III University Madrid, Spain)
Speaker:  Nadya Vasilyeva (Brandeis University) “Explanations and Beliefs”
Speaker:  Sally Haslanger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) "Gender Justice: Social Not Metaphysical (or Physical)"
Speaker:  Esa Diaz-Leon (University of Manitoba) "The Semantics and Metaphysics of Sexual Orientations, and Their Significance for LGBT Rights"
Speaker:  Talia Bettcher (California State University, Los Angeles) "Transsexualism and the Concept of Brain Sex"

APA Central Division, February 2013 - New Orleans

Chair: Robin Dillon (Lehigh University)
                    Speaker:  Susanne Sreedhar (Boston University) "Samuel von Pufendorf on Gender and the Family"
                            Commentator: Elizabeth Edenberg (Vanderbilt University)
Speaker:  Kathryn Swanson (University of Minnesota) "Mitigating Epistemic Injustice by Practicing Partiality: Choosing to Trust in Courtroom Testimony"
Commentator: Nancy Daukas (Guilford College)
Speaker:  Esa Diaz-Leon (University of Manitoba) “'Woman' as a Politically Significant Term: A Solution to the Puzzle"
Commentator: Marianne Janack (Hamilton College)

APA Eastern Division, December 2012 - Atlanta

            Philosophy and Human Trafficking
                    Chair:  Shay Welch (Spelman College)
                    Speaker:  Roksana Alavi (University of Oklahoma) “Society’s Response to Sex Trafficking”
                    Speaker:  Melissa Seymour Fahmy (University of Georgia) “Human Trafficking and Public Shame”
                    Speaker:  Hallie Liberto (University of Connecticut) “Oppression, Exploitation, and Sex Trafficking”

Society for Analytical Feminism, 3rd Conference, October 2012 - Vanderbilt University
Take it to the Bridge: Crossing between Analytic and Continental Feminist Philosophies

Conference Welcome and Introduction: Marilyn Friedman (Vanderbilt University)
Plenary Speaker: Sharon Crasnow (Norco College) “Feminist Epistemology: Standpoint and Solidarity”

Chair: Margaret Crouch (Eastern Michigan University)
Speaker:  Erinn C. Gilson (University of North Florida) “Entrepreneurial Subjectivity”
Speaker: Nancy McHugh (Wittenberg University) “Seeking A Pragmatic Alternative to Evidence-Based Medicine” 
Speaker: Gaile Pohlhaus (Miami University of Ohio) “The Politics of Intelligibility” 

Chair: Sharon Crasnow (Norco College)
Speaker: Audre Brokes (Saint Joseph's University) “Feminism and Empiricism: An Uneasy Alliance”
Speaker: Evelyn Brister (Rochester Institute of Technology) “Feminist Empiricism, Feminist Standpoint Theory, and Applied Science”

Speaker: Lauren Freeman (Concordia University) “Challenging a Panoptics of the Womb’: Phenomenological Responses to the Problems of Diminished Epistemic Privilege and Epistemic Injustice in Pregnancy”
Speaker: Hande Kesgin (Villanova University) “A Phenomenological Reflection on Anorexia Nervosa”

Introduction: Robin Dillon (Lehigh University)
Plenary Speaker: Anita Superson (University of Kentucky) “The Right to Bodily Autonomy and the Abortion Controversy”

Speaker:  Melissa Kozma (University of Wisconsin - Barron County) and Jeanine Weekes Schroer (University of Minnesota-Duluth) “Dangerous Discourse: Stereotype Threat and the Phenomenology of Social Oppression”

Chair: Phyllis Rooney (Oakland University)
Speaker:  Gina Schouten (University of Wisconsin-Madison) “Citizenship, Reciprocity, and the Gendered Division of Labor”

Chair: Alice MacLachlan (York University)
Speaker: Elizabeth Victor (Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville) “Agency, Identity, and Narrative: Making Sense of the Self in Same-Sex Divorce”

Introduction: José Medina (Vanderbilt University)
Plenary Speaker: Heidi Grasswick (Middlebury College) "What's in a Name? Feminist Epistemology as Social Epistemology"

Speaker: Ásta Kristjana Sveinsdóttir (San Francisco State University) “Identity as Social Location”

Speaker: Jack Samuel (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) “The Pragmatic Topography of Sexist Slurs”

Chair: Audre Brokes (Saint Joseph's University)
Speaker: Ami Harbin (Oakland University) “Feminist Moral Psychology Beyond Moral Resolve”

Introduction: Lucius Outlaw, Jr. (Vanderbilt University)
Plenary Speaker: Kelly Oliver (Vanderbilt University) “Hollywood’s Fertile Imagination: Race, Sex, and Assisted Reproductive Technologies”

Chair: Jack Samuel (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Speaker: Matt Drabek (University of Iowa) “When are Ameliorative Accounts of Gender Concepts Effective?”

Chair:  Andrea Pitts (Vanderbilt University)
Speaker: Elizabeth A. Sperry (William Jewell College) “Adaptive Preferences, Socialization, and Constitutive Agency”

Speaker: Roksana Alavi (University of Oklahoma), “What’s Choice Got To Do With It?”

Introduction: Juli Eflin (Ball State University)
Plenary Speaker: Naomi Zack (University of Oregon) “Pluralism in Academic Politics: Cronyism and Collateral Sexism and Racism”

Chair: Kathryn J. Norlock (Trent University)
Speaker: Claudia Card (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “The Challenges of Global and Local Misogyny”

Chair: Evelyn Brister (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Speaker: Katherine Logan (University of Oregon) “The Mother-Infant Bond: Attachment Parenting, Attachment Theory, and Biopower” 

Chair: Helga Varden (University of Illinois)
Speaker: Sarah Clark Miller (Penn State University) “Neuroethics, Ethical Insensitivity, and Moral Education: A Feminist Analysis”

Introduction: Larry May (Vanderbilt University)
Plenary Speaker: Samantha Brennan (Western University) “Is Marriage Bad for Children?: Rethinking Parenthood and Romantic Love”

Chair: Elizabeth Victor (Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville) 
Speaker: Eva M. Dadlez and William Andrews (University of Central Oklahoma) “Fetal Sentience and Legislation”

Chair: Ami Harbin (Oakland University)
Speaker: Alice MacLachlan (York University) “Gender, Theory, and Public Apology”

Chair: Katherine Logan (University of Oregon)
Speaker: Helga Varden (University of Illinois) “Kant and Women”

Introduction: Lisa Guenther (Vanderbilt University)
Plenary Speaker: Brooke Ackerly (Vanderbilt University) “Global Injustice: 'Global Justice' in a Feminist Key”

Speaker: John D. Cheek (University of Oklahoma) “Perspectival Warrant and the Silencing Effect of Mannerly Norms”

Chair: Gaile Pohlhaus (Miami University of Ohio)
Speaker: Ann Garry (California State University, Los Angeles) “Should We Categorize Feminist Philosophers by Philosophical Method?”

Chair: Shay Welch (Spelman College)
Speaker: Karen Frost-Arnold (Hobart & William Smith Colleges) “Imposters, Evil Deceivers, and Trustworthiness as an Epistemic Virtue”

2011 - 2012:

APA Pacific Division, April 2012 - Seattle

Feminist Metaphysics
          Chair:  Charlotte Witt (University of New Hampshire)
          Speaker:  Mari Mikkola (Humboldt-Universität Berlin
          Speaker:  Asta Sveinsdottir (San Francisco State University)
          Speaker:  Brit Brogaard (University of Missouri–St. Louis)

APA Central Division, February 2012 - Chicago

Chair: Robin S. Dillon (Lehigh University)
Speaker: Ben Almassi (College of Lake County) “Feminist Reclamations of Masculinity” 
Commentator: Kathryn J. Norlock (Trent University)
Speaker: Maureen Linker (University or Michigan-Dearborn) "Intellectual Empathy: A Proposal for Training Virtuous Hearers and Epistemically Vulnerable Knowers"
Commentator: Theresa W. Tobin (Marquette University)
Speaker: Peter Higgins (Eastern Michigan University) “The Intersectionality Thesis”
Commentator: Allison Bailey (Illinois State University)

APA Eastern Division, December 2011 - Washington, DC

Author meets Critics: Sibyl Schwarzenbach's On Civic Friendship: Including Women in the State (2009)
Chair: James P. Sterba (University of Notre Dame)
Author: Sibyl Schwarzenbach  (Baruch College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York)
Critic: Carol C. Gould (Hunter College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York)
Critic: Henry Richardson (Georgetown University)
Critic: Naomi Zack (University of Oregon)

2011:  SAF's 20th Anniversary!

2010 - 2011:

APA Pacific Division, April 2011 - San Diego

Women in Introductory Philosophy
Chair: Robin S. Dillon (Lehigh University)
Speaker: Kathryn Norlock (Trent University) "Intro Syllabi, Recognition, and Moral Perception"
Speaker: Evelyn Brister (Rochester Institute of Technology) "Women in Intro to Philosophy: Good for Women, Good for Philosophy"
Speaker: Marilyn Friedman (Vanderbilt University and Charles Stuart University) "Women in Philosophy: Why Should Women Care?"

Author meets Critics: Anita Superson'€™s The Moral Skeptic (2009)
Chair: Sharon Crasnow (Norco College) 
Author: Anita Superson (University of Kentucky) 
Critic: James Sterba (University of Notre Dame)
Critic: Duncan MacIntosh (Dalhousie University)
Critic: Ann Cudd (University of Kansas)

APA Central Division, March 2011 - Minneapolis

Chair: Robin Dillon (Lehigh University)
Speaker: Elizabeth Vicktor (University of South Florida) "The Paradox of Banning Scientific Inquiry: Another Look at Kitcher's Science, Truth, and Democracy"
Commentator: Kristen Intemann (Montana State University)
Speaker: Esa Diaz-Leon (University of Manitoba) "What is Social Construction?"
Commentator: Cathleen Muller (Marist College)
Speaker: Pieranna Garavaso (University of Minnesota - Morris) "Psychological Continuity and Trauma"
Commentator: Hilde Lindemann (Michigan State University)

APA Eastern Division, December 2010 - Boston

Autobiographical and Biographical Narratives in Philosophical Debates 
(organized by Pieranna Garavaso, University of Minnesota, Morris)
Chair: Eva Kittay (Stony Brook University)
Speaker: Marya Schechtman (University of Illinois, Chicago) "Psychological Continuity and the Lives We Lead: What Psychological Continuity Theorists Leave Out"
Speaker: Susan Brison (Dartmouth College) "The Need for First-Person Narratives in Theories of Personal Identity"
Commentator: Pieranna Garavaso (University of Minnesota, Morris)
Speaker: George Yancy (Duquesne University) "Narrative Descriptions From the Ground Up: Epistemological and Existential Importance"
Speaker: Linda Martin Alcoff (Hunter College/CUNY Graduate Center) "The Problem of Speaking for Oneself"
Commentator: Naomi Scheman (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and UmeÃ¥ Centre for Gender Studies in Sweden)

2009 - 2010:

APA Central Division - Chicago

Chair: Robin Dillon
Speaker: Barett Emerick, "Priveleging the Experience of Victims" (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Commentator: Deborah Heikes (University of Alabama, Huntsville)
Speaker: Sally Markowitz, "Thinking about Intersectionality" (Williamette University)
Commentator: Anna Carasthatis (California State University, Los Angeles)
Speaker: Lisa H. Schwartzman, "Rational Choice Theory and Feminist Critique" (Michigan State University)
Commentator: Ann Cudd (University of Kansas)

APA Eastern Division - New York

Feminism and Contemporary Popular Culture
Chair: Sharon Crasnow
Speaker: Laurie Shrage, "XX Radio - Adding Feminist Voices to the FM Dial"
Speaker: Nancy Bauer, "Hang-ups about Hook-ups: Feminist Philosophy and the New Generation Gap"
Speaker: Naomi Zack, "White-Privilege Appropriations of Feminism: Carrie Bradshaw, Bella Swan, and Sarah Palin"
Speaker: Kelly Oliver, "Knock Me Up, Knock Me Down: Images of Pregnancy in Recent Hollywood Films"

2008 - 2009:

APA Eastern Division - Philadelphia

Mind, Brain, and Gender
Chair: Sharon Crasnow (Riverside Community College-Norco)
Speaker: Anne Jacobson, "Cognitive Neuroscience and the Demise of the Man of Reason" (University of Houston)
Speaker: Heidi Maibom, "Empathy: In Another Voice?" (Carleton University)
Speaker: Jacqueline Taylor, "A Feminist View of Emotional Communication: With Lessons drawn from the British Moralists and Neuroscience" (University of San Francisco)
Speaker: Robyn Bluhm, "Gender differences and brain research" (Old Dominion University)

APA Central Division - Chicago

Chair: Anita Superson (University of Kentucky)
Speaker: Maura Tumulty, "Illocution and Expectations of Being Heard" (Colgate University)
Commentator: Anne Barnhill (Harvard University)
Speaker: Esa Diaz-Leon, "Social Kinds and Conceptual Change: A Reply to Haslanger" (University of Manitoba)
Commentator: Charlotte Witt (University of New Hampshire)
Speaker: Julinna Oxley, "Care Ethics, Empathy, and Moral Theory: Do Women Do It Better?" (Coastal Carolina University)
Commentator: Asha Bhandary (University of Connecticut)

APA Pacific Division - Vancouver

Author Meets Critics: Cynthia Willett's Irony in the Age of Empire
Chair: Derrick Darby (University of Kansas)
Author: Cynthia Willett (Emory University)
Critic: Ann Cudd (University of Kansas)
Critic: Eric Smaw (Rollins College)
Critic: Anita Superson (University of Kentucky)

Society for Analytical Feminism, 2nd Conference, April 2008 - University of Kentucky
Analytical Feminist Contributions to Traditional Philosophy

Chair: Betsy Hopkins (University of Kentucky)
Speaker: Anita Superson (University of Kentucky, University of Michigan) "Standards of Rationality and Intrinsic Worth"

Chair: Libby Potter (Mills College)
Speaker: Phyllis Rooney (Oakland University) "Toward a Feminist Metaepistemology"

Chair: Anita Superson (University of Kentucky, University of Michigan)
Plenary Speaker: Ann Garry (California State, Los Angeles) "Implications of Intersectionality"

Chair: Christa Hodapp (University of Kentucky)
Speaker: Carol Hay (Bryn Mawr College) "Rationality and Oppression"

Chair: Heidi Grasswick (Middlebury College)
Speaker: Libby Potter (Mills College) "Hybrid Values"

Chair: Jen McWeeny (John Carroll University)
Speaker: Nancy McHugh (Wittenberg University) "More than Skin Deep: Situated Communities and the Case of Agent Orange in Viet Nam"

Chair: Carol Hay (Bryn Mawr College)
Speaker: Anne Barnhill (New York University) "Feminist Sexual Virtue and Feminist Sexual Vice"

Chair: Janine Jones (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)
Speaker: Jen McWeeny (John Carroll University) "The Epistemology of Margaret Cavendish: A Seventeenth Century Theory of Embodied Cognition"

Chair: Pieranna Garavaso (University of Minnesota, Morris)
Speaker: Sharon Crasnow (Riverside Community College, Norco) "Resources for Feminist Epistemology: Models, Representation, and Objectivity"

Chair: Anita Superson (University of Kentucky, University of Michigan)
Plenary Speaker: Louise Antony (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) "Democracy is Not an Epistemic Value"

Chair: Sharon Crasnow (Riverside Community College, Norco)
Plenary Speaker: Alison Wylie (University of Washington) "What Knowers Know Well: Standpoint Theory and the Foundation of Gender Archaeology"

Chair: Helga Varden (University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana)
Speaker: Andrea Westlund (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) "Rethinking Relational Autonomy"

Chair: Phyllis Rooney (Oakland University)
Speaker: Kristina Rolin (Helsinki School of Economics) "Defending Critical Contextual Empiricism"

Chair: Lisa McLeod (Guilford College)
Speaker: Nancy Daukas (Guilford College) "Why Feminist Epistemology Needs More Virtue"

Chair: Anita Superson (University of Kentucky, University of Michigan)
Plenary Speaker: Julia Driver (Dartmouth College) "Feminism and Moral Realism"

Chair: Clare Batty (University of Kentucky)
Plenary Speaker: Sally Haslanger (MIT) "Social Categories, Social Structure, and Ideology Critique"

Chair: Anne Barnhill (NYU)
Speaker: Helga Varden (University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana) "The Injustice of Anti-Abortion and Anti-Homosexuality Laws"

Chair: Kristina Rolin  (Helsinki School of Economics)
Speaker: Heidi Grasswick (Middlebury College) "Sharing Knowledge: Querying the Norms"

Chair: Alison Wolf (Simpson College)
Speaker: Pieranna Garavaso (University of Minnesota, Morris) "Personal Identity and Gender Identity"

Chair: Sharon Crasnow (Riverside Community College, Norco)
Plenary Speaker: Miriam Solomon (Temple University) "Discerning Feminist Empiricism"

Chair: Anita Superson (University of Kentucky, University of Michigan)
Plenary Speaker: Robin Dillon (Lehigh University) "A Feminist View of Vice and Virtue"
Chair: Sharon Crasnow (Riverside Community College, Norco)
Plenary Speaker: Charlotte Witt (University of New Hampshire) "Humans, Persons and Social Individuals"

Chair: Anita Superson (University of Kentucky, University of Michigan)
Plenary Speaker: Ann Cudd (University of Kansas) "Resistance is Not Futile: Analytical Feminism’s Contributions to Political Philosophy"

Chair: Anita Superson (University of Kentucky, University of Michigan)
Plenary Speaker: Mariam Thalos (University of Utah) "The Self-construction of the Self"

Chair: Elisia Taylor (University of Kentucky)
Speaker: Marilyn Friedman (Washington University) "Female Terrorists: Gender and Meaning"

Chair: Andrea Westlund (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
Speaker: Sonya Charles (Cleveland State University) "Stoljar's Challenge: How Should Feminist Autonomy Theorists Respond to the Problem of Oppression?"