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Tutorial on Analysis Methodologies and Tools

Call for Participation!
ISCA 2013, Analysis Tutorial
June 23rdTel-Aviv

Tutorial overview

The Tutorial on Analysis Methodologies and Tools is a forum to connect researchers and designers of hardware and software performance tools. The goal of this one-day tutorial is to provide an overview of modern analysis methodologies and optimization techniques, that are embedded in analysis tools built around x86-based PMUs (Performance Monitoring Units).

The tutorial will cover various analysis and tuning aspects including performance, power, responsiveness and parallelization. Presenters will demonstrate how these tasks can be achieved using advanced analysis tools including: Intel’s VTune Amplifier as well as Performance Bottleneck Analyzer, Google’s Gooda, and the perf utility which recently become default in Linux kernel. Some sessions will include real-life enterprise workloads characterization and analysis challenges.

This is a full day tutorial is held in conjunction with ISCA 2013, June 23th in Tel Aviv.

Direct link to registration site - pick "T1-PMU" at the page with tutorial/workshops selection.





Stanislav Bratanov

Intel / Software tools

VTune™ as a bridge between performance, parallelism and power analysis

50 minutes

Ahmad Yasin

Intel / Architecture

Top Down– a systematic methodology for identifying processor critical bottlenecks

50 minutes

Andrzej Nowak

CERN openlab and EPFL

Profiling of large scientific applications


50 minutes

Naftaly Shalev

Intel / Software tools

Advisor - Your Guide to Effective Parallel Programming

50 minutes

Stephane Eranian

Google, Linux

Gooda and the Linux kernel perf utility


50 minutes

Cfir Aguston, Yosi Ben-Asher, Gadi Haber

University of Haifa

Providing Parallelization Hints via Code Skeletonization

50 minutes

Michael Chynoweth, Rajshree Chabukswar

Intel / Apps Engineering

Utilizing Performance Bottleneck Analyzer to Debug Issues on Intel’s Future Haswell SOCs

90 minutes


- Ahmad Yasin (Intel)

- Michael W Chynoweth (Intel)

email addresses: first-name dot (middle initial initial, if any) last-name at intel dot com