Hello and welcome...

I'm a licensed psychologist in Oakland, California, and I provide a warm, confidential space for adults of all ages to consider themselves in a new light. My belief is that we all have a natural inclination to develop and grow, to find connection and joy. Psychotherapy with the right person can help one move past roadblocks - whether new or longstanding - with an increased sense of meaning and ease. I work with clients from diverse backgrounds to clarify and expand their strengths, grieve losses, and reconnect with inner wisdom. 

Individuals often consult with me when they are considering making a change but are unsure whether or how to proceed. I have particular expertise in helping clients consider their relationship to alcohol and drugs, openly and non-judgmentally. Other areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationships, stress, and life transitions.

Sometimes sessions focus on the here and now. Other times exploring the past can shed light on current struggles and enable one to relate differently to self and others in the future. If we work together, you and I will collaborate to find the balance that helps you lead a richer life.