Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Musicological Society
8-9 APRIL 2017
at the ​
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Brechemin Auditoriam (1st floor)

The annual meeting of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the AMS will take place on the weekend of
8-9 APRIL 2017
​at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, USA.

The program committee, chaired by Dr.
​Stephen Rumph, invites submission of abstracts of up to 500 words for 20-minute papers and 30-minute lecture recitals. Abstracts may be sent by e-mail (preferably as a Word, RTF, or PDF attachment), with "ABSTRACT" in the subject heading, to or by postal mail to:

​Stephen Rumph, Program Chair
University of
​School of Music​

Music Building
Box 353450
Seattle, WA 98195

Submissions must be received by FRIDAY,
. Whether you are faculty, a student, or an independent scholar, please consider sharing your best work with us!


Please note that there will be a prize for the best student paper presented at the Annual Meeting.

In addition, the Chapter is pleased to offer a $150 travel subsidy to one student presenter attending an institution within the Chapter's geographical boundaries (excluding the host and local institutions
in and around Seattle). If you would like to be considered for this travel subsidy, please indicate your interest when you submit your abstract. The Program Committee will award the subsidy to the student submitting the strongest abstract.


2016: University of Lethbridge

2015: University of Puget Sound

2014: University of Victoria

2013: University of Oregon

2012: University of Alberta

2011: Western Washington University

2010: University of Calgary

2009: Eastern Washington University

2008: University of British Columbia

2007: University of Puget Sound

2006: University of Lethbridge

2005: Reed College

2004: University of Victoria

2003: University of Washington

2002: University of Oregon

2001: University of Calgary

2000: Western Washington University

2017 PNW AMS Chapter Meeting: Program schedule

(pdf attached below ~ dated for reference March 24, 2017)

All sessions will take place in the Brechemin Auditorium

School of Music (first floor), University of Washington


Saturday, 8 April 2017


8:45-10:15: Theatrical Representations

Maria Virginia Acuna (University of Toronto), Omnia vincit amor: Cupid, Philip V, and the Allegorical Zarzuela during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701–14).”

Sarah Kolat (University of Washington), “Stripping the Veneer: Revealing a Symbol in Mendes’s Cabaret.”

Claire Fedoruk (Azusa Pacific University), “The Voices of Mary: An Analysis of Chorus Staging and Music from John Adams’s The Gospel According to the Other Mary.”


10:15-10:30: Break


10:30-12:00: In the Americas

Geoffrey Wilson (University of Calgary): “Musical Narrative in Carl Davis’ Score to The Thief of Bagdad (1924).”

Mark Samples (Central Washington University): “Marketing the Phonograph in The Phonoscope, 1896–1900.”

Kenneth DeLong (University of Calgary): “The Afro-Cuban Dances of Ernesto Lecuona and the Afrocubanismo Movement in Cuba 1920-1940.”


12:00-1:30: Lunch


1:30-3:00: National Identity and Appropriation

Holly Chapman (Central Washington University): “Approximation and Identity: Appropriation in the Music of George Crumb.”

Mark Martin (Lakewood, WA): “A Tale of Two Tone Poems: From Realism to Naturalism in Sibelius's Interpretation of National Myth.”

Bertil Van Boer (Western Washington University): “Abbé Vogler’s ‘Global’ Musical Works: Charlatanism, Bringing the 18th Century a Global Perspective, or Extenuating Circumstances.”


3:00-3:15: Break


3:15-4:45: Sound, Pleasure, Self

Alexander Fisher (University of British Columbia): “Sounds and Silences: Reflections on Music, Sound, and Space in the Confessional Borderlands of the Holy Roman Empire.”

Jonathan Oddie (Seattle, WA), “The Pleasure of Being Deceived: Cadential Grammar and Rhetoric in Seventeenth-Century English Instrumental Music.”

Marva Duerksen (Willamette University), “Proleptic Rhetoric and Survival of the ‘Self’:  Composers on Emily Dickinson’s ‘I Heard a Fly Buzz—.’”


4:45-5:15: Business Meeting


Sunday, 9 April 2017


9:00-10:15: Haydn and Schubert

Rena Marie Roussin (University of Victoria), “Haydn's Last Heroine: Hanne, Die Jahreszeiten, and the Culture of Operatic Sentiment.”

Grace Ho (University of Oregon): “Performing the Composer’s Subjective Voice: Haydn the Orator and Schubert the Protagonist” (lecture-recital).


10:15-10:30: Break


10:30-12:00: Patrons and Entrepreneurs

Twila Bakker (Edmonton, AB): “‘Like an Angel from Heaven Knocking on Your Door’: Betty Freeman as patron.”

Ellen George (University of Puget Sound), “‘An Enterprise Worthy of the Coast’: The San Francisco 1878 May Festival.”

Rachel Chacko (Whitman College): “A Culture-Shaper: Nellie Cornish and the Founding of the Cornish School of Music.”


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