Amir Herzberg

Comcast endowed professor for security innovation

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

University of Connecticut

Select Publications/Presentations:

Teaching, advising and students:

I like teaching and advising students. I teach intro to cyber security (CSE3400; see syllabus), usually in fall term, and Network security (CSE4402; see syllabus), usually in spring term (incl. spring'20). I sometimes teach a seminar or one-time class (spring 2021: privacy and anonymity). I use UConn's HuskyCT extensively for providing materials and communicating with students; appointments using Nexus.

See information on advising and students, including info for potential students, tips for students and list of previous and current students.

Research Areas:

I am interested in security and privacy of networked systems. Security and privacy may be breached in many ways - it only takes one weak link to break the chain. I want to understand different threats and tools, and combine analysis and proofs with implementations, economics, and even human, legal, ethical and psychological aspects. Specific areas:

  • Internet security: infrastructure (routing, DNS, DoS) and applications (web, phishing).

  • Applied provable cryptography, esp. of applied cryptographic protocols, PKI, and resiliency to exposures and to cryptanalysis.

  • Privacy, anonymity and covert communication.

  • Security of systems interacting with humans: social-engineering, phishing and other attacks exploiting human behaviors, and usable security defenses.

  • Financial cryptography, i.e., using cryptography to innovate financial systems, protocols and networks.

  • Security for IoT and other emerging networks (e.g., of sensors, drones, stealthy-bots).


  • I am in the steering committee of the CANS conference.

  • I serve(d) on many program committees, editing boards etc., and regularly evaluate proposals and dissertations.

Personal and Opinions:

I an interested and opinionated in many topics such as politics, religions, history and science. In particular I'm very interested in social-technical, ethical and legal issues. See Cyber Security & Centralized Data, What Could Go Wrong?, an interview by the Institute for New Economic Thinking on the importance of privacy for society and economics, and the need for (self-)controls on at least some forms of cyber-warfare. See interview (in Hebrew) where I explain the risks of biometric repository which is being piloted in Israel.

I like discussing and arguing about these and other topics. And I also like reading, music, hikes, gardening, dogs, movies, and gym.


I'm best reachable by email: If I don't reply in reasonable time, send reminder, your message may have been lost (in spam... or just forgotten due to overload, sorry!).

Support and funding:

  • I am currently funded by an award from the NSF and by my chair from Comcast.

  • I am grateful for the following freely-provided research services: DeterLab, CREATE, RIPE atlas and CAIDA.