Amir Herzberg 

Comcast endowed professor for security innovation

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

University of Connecticut

Select Publications/Presentations: 

Teaching, advising and students: 

I like teaching and advising students. I usually teach, in UConn, Network security (CSE4402) and our Cybersecurity Lab (CSE3140). I also like to teach intro to cyber security (CSE3400), which is basically applied crypto with some taste of other cyber-security topics, as well as networking, but usually other professors teach these classes in UConn. 

See information on advising and students, including info for potential students, tips for students and list of previous and current students. 

Research Areas: 

I am interested in security and privacy of networked systems. Security and privacy may be breached in many ways - it only takes one weak link to break the chain. I want to understand different threats and tools, and combine analysis and proofs with implementations, economics, and even human, legal, ethical and psychological aspects.  Specific areas:

Personal and Opinions: 

I an interested and opinionated in many topics such as politics, religions, history and science. In particular I'm very interested in social-technical, ethical and legal issues. See Cyber Security & Centralized Data, What Could Go Wrong?, an interview by  the Institute for New Economic Thinking on the importance of privacy for society and economics, and the need for (self-)controls on at least some forms of cyber-warfare. See interview (in Hebrew) where I explain the risks of biometric repository

I like discussing and arguing about these and other topics. And I also like reading, music, hikes, gardening, dogs, movies, and gym. 


 I'm best reachable by email: If I don't reply in reasonable time, send reminder, your message may have been lost (in spam... or just forgotten due to overload, sorry!). 

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