News and Announcements

There will be an Informational Session
Tuesday, May 28, 6pm, Ames Township Building
The purpose of this session is, for those
parties interesting in serving on the Board to discuss their intentions, skills, and experience
 with the Board to Fill the un-expired Term of Gene Hines
Gene will retire, May 31, 2019.  
The appointee chosen by the Board, at their next regularly scheduled meeting, will fill Gene's term for the 
remainder of this year,  If interested in continuing on in his seat, that individual would have to run for his un-expired seat/term in this fall's election, or run for the other open trustee seat, up this fall. 

Ames Township would like to Welcome our new Workers
Dave Matheny and Brian Gould
Dave is on the job, and Brian will be joining us on May 20

Bryson Road
Bryson road has had a weight limit reduction due to the slip on the Hooper ridge end. 
 School Bus traffic has been rerouted for safety.  
The township has been working with FEMA since March 14, 2019 on this road in particular, and local contractors in an effort to get this slip shored up to avoid any more damage.  As you know, inclement weather has been a factor all over the county for the past several years.  cost and  availability of contractors is also a factor.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.  Update:  The Bryson Road slip will require engineering and likely core drilling.  The slip has worsened, extending itself to the creek and local contractors and resources are spread thin.  Again we thank you for your patience.  

Please avoid this area, if at all possible.  when having to travel this area, please be mindful of any changes that may have occurred.  
Thank you.

We would love to have another Tire Disposal Day as we've had in the past.
Funding is on a different cycle and won't be awarded till sometime this summer and there will be a change to the way tires are collected.  the grant will likely require a $cost$ to drop off the tire. 
 I'll let you know more when I know more about this.  

 Please Recycle
No Sorting Required!!
 household recyclables-during daylight hours
 the Athens County Engineer's Depot
5 Main St, Amesville
No Dumping Allowed, Violators will be prosecuted. 

Household size Recycling Bins and Bags are available
Please contact Ann Cunningham
if interested 740-591-3614

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 15900 Henry Road, Amesville OH,  45711


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We hope that you'll visit us very soon.  Our township includes beautiful scenic roads, (minutes away from the famous Triple Nickel (SR 555), Rim of the World (SR 78) local historical sites, and we are minutes away from Ohio University and Hocking College in Southeastern Ohio.  
Bring your family, including your "foodies" and beverage experts, your motorcycle, sports car, camping Gear, Boat, or whatever you like and join us in Beautiful Southeastern Ohio.  We have something for all!

Ames Township is a mostly rural township located in eastern Athens County, Ohio. Our township covers 28.24 miles of roads, 13 cemetaries and the village of Amesville. According to the 2010 census, our township residents number 1183 people, with 154 residents located in the village of Amesville, at the crossroads of state routes 550 East and 329 north.  


Gene Hines-
(term expires 12-31-2021)

Ann Cunningham-
(term expires 12-31-2021)

Lyle Fuller-Trustee
(Term Expires 12-31-2019

Fiscal Officer
Roseanna Hines
(term expires 3-31-2020)

Township Garage
15900 Henry Rd.
Amesville, OH