Comradeship and input are the only existing qualifications for membership to our organization, this being required by all... nothing more, nothing less. Our membership dues are minimal and they are used strictly for the enhancement of the club. Memberships and dues are annual and are renewable on April 1st. Dues are $20 (US) for new members. Dues are $10 (US) per year after your first year. The election of officers are also held in April.

New members will receive:

  1. An ANCC patch

  2. A white and a brass ANCC medallion

New and returning members receive:

  1. The ANCC newsletter

  2. Ability to buy ANCC clothing

  3. Ability to display/sell at the ANCC events and shows

  4. Ability to register your canes/sticks with ANCC. Members can fill out the cane registration form - cane_registration_form.pdf - and give it to the club president.

  5. Ability to post pictures of your work and your contact information on the ANCC web site

  6. Roster of other cane / stick carvers

tree friendship cane

New Membership Application: membership_appl.pdf

If you are interested in joining the American National Cane Club, fill out and mail in the membership application to the address listed on the application with your check for the dues made out to “American National Cane Club”. We will process your application and send you a membership packet. Since we only meet once a month, it can take up to a month or so to process your application. Click on the following link to download the membership application: membership_appl.pdf

New ANCC Chapter Information:

If you are interested in starting your own chapter of ANCC, you can download the new chapter application for all the details. new_chapter_application.pdf