I am an Associate Professor of International Relations and Political Methodology. I am so thrilled to be part of the Political Science Department at Binghamton University. The links above my photo will take you to detailed information on my published and working papers as well as my teaching.

My research focuses on how the domestic political incentives of leaders targeted by foreign policy affect the process of influence attempts. I examine how leader turnover, dynamics in support and opposition coalitions, and political preferences condition the targeting and effect of economic sanctions and foreign aid. My work often concludes that the room available for compelling changes in target behavior is tight indeed, even for very powerful countries. In more recent work, I am delving into the dynamics of protest and repression, as well as civil conflict. I am particularly interested in how leader incentives change over time in ways that may make increased repression predictable. New work with co-authors also explores the role of domestic politics in more detail, incorporating policy preferences and social movement theory into my studies of aid and sanctions.

To improve my statistical analyses of leader turnover, I have developed a dataset which provides the basis for more refined identification of leader "failures." The current version of my Regular Turnover Details data includes all leader exits that Archigos v4.1 did not code as "irregular" or "foreign" from 1960-2014. It is available for download at my dataverse: https://dataverse.harvard.edu/dataverse/AmandaALichtPhD


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