How much will it cost ?

The largest expense is the airfare. In past years, the cost for airfare has ranged between $1300 and $2000. This year we have found a less expensive flight. The sooner you decide to join the team, the lower the airline costs will be. The in-country costs are not yet set but in the past they have been approximately $700 and are all inclusive. This includes all meals, lodging, transportation, visas and entertainment. The only expenses that you might have would be for souvenirs and meals in the airport.

How can I fund raise? Each member of the team is responsible for raising their own funds for the trip. We are aware that this is a significant expense for all, but our experience has found that when team members have solicited support from friends and family, that people are very generous when they know that you are serving the Armenian people and Christ. Please let your potential donors know that any donations that you obtain for your trip are tax deductible and check should be made out to the AMAA.

When is the 2019 Armenia Medical Mission Trip?

The 2019 mission trip is 6/13/19 until 6/23/19.

Can I still go on the 2019 mission trip?

We are completely full and have a waiting list for this year's mission trip. If you are interested in going to the 2020 trip, please fill in your application now for this trip. We give priority to those who apply early.

What about travel arrangements ?

The travel agent that we will be using for the 2019 trip will be with Carlo Vakian of Sidon Travel, 428 S. Central Ave., Glendale, CA 800 826-7960. Please call Mr. Vakian as soon as possible to book your flight to get the best prices. We will be flying on Qatar Airlines. We leave June 13, 2019, leaving Los Angeles in the afternoon. We arrive in Yerevan on June 14 at approximately midnight. We leave Yerevan on June 23 and arrive in Los Angeles in the afternoon. If you're leaving from other parts of the country, Mr. Vakian will find you flights so that you will meet us in Moscow and we can travel to Armenia together.

Are the trip expenses tax deductible ?

Because you are primarily performing a missionary function, the AMAA will issue you a tax deductible letter for the expenses you've incurred to serve on the mission trip. How this works is that the travel agency we use will bill the AMAA for the cost of your flight. You will then write a check to the AMAA for that amount. You must use the agency that we have chosen to benefit from this service; If you have any questions, we can certainly answer them.

If you elect not to claim a tax deduction, you can pay the travel agency directly with a credit card or check for the trip.

Closer to the time when we are departing, we will know more accurately the in-country costs. Again you will write a check to AMAA to cover these expenses and mail it to us and we will send the checks as a group to the AMAA.

What passport, visa and vaccination requirements are necessary?

A valid US passport that will not expire for at least 6 months from the last day of the trip is necessary. A visa to travel to Armenia is currently not required for US citizens. No vaccinations are required for Armenia but I recommend that you have DTAP booster if you haven't had one in recent past. Canadian citizens will require a visa. We will provide information to our Canadian team members on what to do when you enter Armenia.

Do I need to speak Armenian to be a member of the team?

No. We have a number of native Armenian translators that travel with us and will help you if you need translation. We encourage you to learn some rudimentary Armenian so that you can say and understand some simple phases. We recommend Pimsleur CD language lessons. The have Eastern and Western Armenian language CD's. The Armenians in Armenia speak Eastern Armenian, but if you learn Western they will likely understand you. You can find the Pimsleur lessons online and cost approximately $40.

Where will we be having the clinic and travelling in Armenia?

We are so excited that there has been such an enthusiastic response to the Mission Trip this year that we will be having two separate teams and we will be holding the clinics in two parts of Armenia. The North Team will have clinic in Vanatzor, located in the Armenian Evangelical Church of Vanatzor and in Stepanavan. The south team will travel to the Sisian church and for the first time go to a new location in Kapan.

On top of the clinics the mission trip includes touring of Echmiadzin, Khor Virab, Garni, Geghard Monastery, Armenian Martyrs Memorial in Yerevan, Lake Sevan, Tatev Monastery and many other sites.

When is the Team Dedication Church Service and Family Lunch?

The Team Dedication Church Service and Lunch will be held in June, 2 2019 at United Armenia Congregational Church in Los Angeles (3480 Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90068). Please arrive at 1015 AM sharp so we can sit together up front on the right hand side of the church sanctuary. For those of you who can't be there because they live too far away, please go to the live YouTube channel for UACC Church that morning. Immediately after church from 12 until approximately 2 PM we will be having a team lunch and orientation in the Fireside Room at church. All team members and their families (parents, grandparents, siblings) are invited For those who can't attend we will Zoom you in so that you can be there. Hope to see you all.