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Faces Of Success Radio interview with special guest Allen Vega 11/24/14 >Listen> MP3

By Nathan Nörgel 

Patsy Smith wrote "Allen I have to say you are one awsome guitar player,saw you last night at the Valley Inn. I saw Jimmie Vaughn at the Fat Cat a couple of weeks ago and man you sound just like him "really" Thanks for some awsome blues Blues".

Sharon Slayton wrote, "Allen Vega Kicked some righteous blues fanny last night at the Valley Inn Castro Valley! Surprise guest band members! Jack can BLOW that SAX"!!!!! When ya comin back?????

Matt Mendoza wrote: "rocked the house!!! they huffed and puffed and blues the house over"

"Allen rocks the house with the hottest Texas blues this side of Austin. 
~ BCT the Globe news

"Yelp review, The Allen Vega band put on the best show happening anywhere in the Castro Valley/Hayward area. Vega pulled out all the stops! Add some surprise appearances with a hot SAX and the Valley Inn was ROCKIN. Looking around the room I wondered for a minute where everyone was, but I found them all on the dance floor. Steamy hot with people and incomparable BLUES has the whole town talking. The shows are more than music - they're a full night of entertainment - crowds range from 21 to 90 

Theo Brown, Drummer for Sonny Rhoads wrote: "your one of the baddest guitar musicians I know and hopefully the world will get to experience your talents." 

The 19th Hole
THANK YOU ALLEN VEGA FOR THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!! Did everyone there think it was their birthday?!!! Every song was a gift, and your musicianship was the icing on the cake!! Thank you!! So sorry for all who didn't make it, but you can catch himon Sep. 4th at Tommy's Backyard!! This guy deserves all of your support!! Show up!!!!

Troy Hoggatt Wrote: Your Uncle was an AMAZING guitarist! I can see where you got the inspiration from!.. You have become one of the BEST west of the Mississippi my brother! Your Uncle is VERY proud of you!!

Donald Dean Hicks Wrote: I was there! Best show I've seen yeeaarrrrs! Thanks Allen!! "Your band are some bad motor scooters too! OOooh-Riiight!" 

Robert DeGray former guitarist for Ike Turner wrote:
Allen flat out gets it!

Jim Haas wrote: If you ever get to go see this man play, do it! All my friends and I that play agree, there is nothing more musical and more entertaining than an Allen Vega show! History in the making, Allen's heading into the studio soon to lay down the tracks that you'll be listening to over and over again. Everybody I've ever take to one of Allen's shows has agreed "That's one bad ass guitar player!". Anyone I've ever taken to one of Allen's shows has taken their friends to his next show!!!

Larry Perkins wrote: Amen brother! Allen you really brought some soul to the jam last night. Not sure how many people can really appreciate just what you bring to the table..Loved it. Live on my friend.