Working Papers: (Manuscripts may be available on request, if not already online)

    (with Sergey Popov and Sascha Schweitzer)

    (with Sascha Schweitzer and Hakan Yilmazkuday)

How Persistant are Network Effects? Evidence from Jewish Scientists Migrating from Germany to the US

Journal Publications: 

    (with Matthias Flückiger and Markus Ludwig)  Economic Journal, 129(621): 2064-2089, (2019)

    (with Marco Portmann and David Stadelmann)  Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 42(2): 47-76, (2018)

    (with Hakan Yilmazkuday)   Journal of Macroeconomics, 50: 241-258, (2016)

    (with John Conley and Benno Torgler)  Scientometrics, 108(2): 937-958, (2016)

    (with Ho Fai Chan and Benno Torgler) Scientometrics, 106(2): 509-524, (2016) 

    (with Marko Terviö) Economic Inquiry, 53(3): 1491-1505, (2015)

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    (with Ho Fai Chan and Benno Torgler) Scientometrics, 105(3): 2215-2235, (2015)

    (with Mattias Dahlberg) Bulletin for International Taxation, 69(1): 29-36, (2015)

    (with John Conley) Journal of Economic Perspectives, 28(3): 205-216, (2014)
    Note: Previous title was "An Empirical Guide to Hiring Assistant Professors in Economics"

    (with John Conley, Mario Crucini, and Robert Driskill) Economic Inquiry, 51(2): 1251-1276, (2013)
    Note: WP Version: NBER Working Paper no. 17043 (2011)
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Book Chapters and other Publications:

    (with John Conley, Mario Crucini, and Robert Driskill)
    in Publishing and Measuring Success in Economics (eds. S.Galiani, U.Paniza), Chapter 8, CEPR Press, (2020)

Toplumsal Fikir Ayrılıkları, Sosyal Ağlar ve Mahalleler [Opinion Gaps, Social Networks and Clusters]
    in Iktisat ve Toplum Dergisi, 107: 63-69, (2019)

Internationale Migration- Erklärungsfaktoren und wirtschaftliche Konsequenzen für Deutschland
[International Migration- Explanatory Factors and Economic Consequences for Germany]
    (with David Stadelmann) in Ausländische Fachkräfte gesucht: voreilig? notwendig? willkommen?
    (eds. H.Barz, M.Jung), Düsseldorf University Press, (2015) 

Federal Sistemlerde Vergi Rekabeti [Tax Competition in Federal Structures]
    in Kriz ve Maliye Düşüncesinde Değişim: İzzettin Önder'e Armağan (eds. A.Pinar, A.H.Köse, N.Falay), 
    Sosyal Araştırmalar Vakfı, (2011)

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