Alice Schoonbroodt's Research

Author(s) Title Published in/Status Date completed
Larry E. Jones and Alice Schoonbroodt Baby Busts and Baby Booms: The Fertility Response to Shocks in Dynastic ModelsReview of Economic Dynamics, Vol. 22, pp. 157-178, Oct. 2016 July 2016
Alice SchoonbroodtParental Childcare During and Outside of Typical Work HoursReview of Economics of the Household, Forthcoming

 April 2016
Erica Field, Vera Molitor, Alice Schoonbroodt and Michèle Tertilt Gender Gaps in Completed FertilityJournal of Demographic Economics, Vol. 82, Issue 2, pp. 167-206, June 2016 March 2016
Alice Schoonbroodt and Michèle Tertilt Property Rights and Efficiency in OLG Models with Endogenous Fertility Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 150, pp. 551-583, March 2014  August 2013
Sébastien Buttet and Alice Schoonbroodt An Accounting Exercise for the Shift in Life-Cycle Employment Profiles of Married Women Born Between 1940 and 1960 Journal for Labour Market Research, Vol. 46Issue 3pp. 253-271, Sept. 2013  January 2013
Larry E. Jones and Alice Schoonbroodt  Complements versus Substitutes and Trends in Fertility Choice in Dynastic Models International Economic Review, Vol. 51, no. 3, pp. 671-699, Aug. 2010  January 2009
Larry E. Jones, Alice Schoonbroodt and Michèle Tertilt Fertility Theories: Can They Explain the Negative Fertility-Income Relationship? Demography and the Economy, Ch. 2, John B. Shoven, ed., Univ. Chicago Press, Jan. 2011 (NBER volume)  August 2008

Working Papers
Author(s) Title Published in/Status Date completed
Alice Schoonbroodt and Michèle Tertilt Parental Control and Fertility History

Preliminary DraftApril 2015

Work in Progress
Author(s) Title Published in/Status Date completed
Cenk Cetin and Alice Schoonbroodt Public Education Funding: Foundation System vs. Power-Equalizing System with Property TaxesDraft coming soon 
David E. Frisvold and Alice SchoonbroodtThe Effect of Recessions on Recent Mothers' Fertility 

Work in Progress 
Alice Schoonbroodt Intergenerational Wealth Flows, Fertility and Development Work in Progress
Larry E. Jones and Alice SchoonbroodtThe American Civil War: The Fertility Experience in the South versus the NorthWork in Progress 
John A. Knowles and Alice Schoonbroodt Optimal Fertility Distribution, Insurance and Intergenerational Persistence Work in Progress, slides SED 2011  

Author(s) Title Published in/Status Date completed
Alice Schoonbroodt Cross-sectional Properties of Female Labor Force Participation: Theory and Data  Latest version May 2003
Alice Schoonbroodt Small Sample Bias Using Maximum Likelihood versus Moments: The Case of a Simple Search Model of the Labor Market Latest version March 2004