I use microeconometrics, macroeconometrics and general equilibrium model to address a broad range of issues related to Economic Development. Agricultural Policy formulation and Evaluation, Market Integration and Price transmission, and the Welfare Effect of Technology Adoption and Diffusion. I’m also interested many aspects of Development and International Economics. Below are some of my completed and ongoing works.
Peer Reviewed Papers
  1. "Price transmission analysis using threshold models: an application to local rice markets in Benin and Mali"(with  Rose Fiamohe,Papa A. Seck and Aliou Diagne), Food security,Volume 5, Issue 3 , pp 427-438.

    Completed Working Papers
  1. "Estimating the causal effect of trade liberalization on economic growth using treatment effect framework" (With Michael Reed and Sayed Saighahan), Working paper
  2. "Distributional impact of agricultural technology adoption on rice farmers’ expenditure: Case of Nerica varieties in Benin" (With Aliou Diagne), Working paper
  3. "“Foreign Aid effectiveness in African economies: evidence from threshold panel" (With Romuald Anago), Working paper
  4. “The impact of adoption of NERICA rice varieties in West Africa” (With Aliou Diagne, Paul Dontsop, Florent Kinkingninhoun-Medagbe, Patrice, Adegbola, Mamadou Coulibaly, Sekou Diawara, Lamine Dibba, Nazir Mahamood, Mary Mendy, Viviane Ojehomon,  and Alex Wiredu), Working paper
  5. Evaluation of the effects of economic policies on informal sector performance and poverty in Cameroon: a Computable General Equilibrium model analysis” (With Willy Ndjana, Erith Nghoghe, and RObet Ngonthe) Working paper
  6. Commerce, Finance and economic growth in Cameroon” (With Tchassem, Narcisse), Unpublished Working paper

    Ongoing Working Papers
  1. "Multi-market analysis of cereal price transmission" (With Michael Reed )

    Book Chapters
  1. "Farmer Perceptions of the Biophysical Constraints to Rice Production in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Potential Impact of Research" (with Aliou Diagne, Eyram Amovin-Assagba, Marco C.S. Wopereis and Kazuki Saito), in "Realizing Africa's Rice Promise", forthcoming CABI Publishing
  2. "Impact of Rice Research on Income, Poverty and Food Security in Africa: An Ex-ante Analysis (with Aliou Diagne, Marco C.S. Wopereis, Kazuki Saito and Papa Abdoulaye Seck) in "Realizing Africa's Rice Promise", forthcoming CABI Publishing