Published Papers
  1. “Distributional impact of Nerica adoption on farmer expenditure in Benin: Quantile Treatment Effect Estimation” with Aliou Diagne, Patrice Adegbola, and Florent Kinkingninhoue, Journal of African Development (Conditionally accepted)
  2. Heterogeneous welfare effects of cotton pricing on households in Benin” with Anne Floquet and Epiphane Adjovi, African Development Review, 2017, 29(2) 107–121
  3. Progress toward the Sustainable Development Goal on poverty: Assessing the effect of income growth on the exit time out of poverty in Benin.” Sustainable Development (forthcoming)
  4. “Altruism or exchange? A quest into the motives of inter-household private transfers in Burkina Faso.” with Nicholas Ponty and Ignace Kamga, International Journal of Socio-Economics (forthcoming)
  5. Destination or Distraction? Querying the Linkage between Off-farm Income and Farm Investments in Kenya” with Melinda Smale, Yoko Kusunose, and Mary Mathenge. Journal of African Economies, 2016. 25 (3): 388-41
  6. On poverty and persistence of poverty in Benin” with Katia Jossa-Jouable and Rose Fiamohe. Journal of Economic Studies, 2016, 43(4): 661 - 676
  7. Transmission of rice prices from Thailand into West African markets: The case of Benin, Mali, and Senegal” with Rose Fiamohe, Ibrahim Bamba, Aliou Diagne, and Eyram Amovin-Assagba. Journal of African Business, 2015, 16(1-2): 128-143
  8. Geographical orientation of export in the manufacturing sector in sub-Sahara Africa”. Global Economy Journal, 2015, 15 (3) 337–351
  9. Price transmission analysis using threshold models: an application to local rice markets in Benin and Mali” with Fiamohe, Ibrahim Bamba, Aliou Diagne. Food security, 2013. 5(3), 427-438

Book Chapters
  1. Farmer Perceptions of the Biophysical Constraints to Rice Production in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Potential Impact of Research”. (with Aliou Diagne, Eyram Amovin-Assagba, Marco C.S. Wopereis and Kazuki Saito), chapter in Realizing Africa’s Rice Promise. Wopereis, M.C.S., Johnson, D.E., Ahmadi N., Tollens, E. and Jalloh, A., CABI Publishing, October 2013
  2. Impact of Rice Research on Income, Poverty and Food Security in Africa: An Ex-ante Analysis”. (with Aliou Diagne, Marco C.S. Wopereis, Kazuki Saito and Papa Abdoulaye Seck) chapter in Realizing Africa’s Rice Promise. Wopereis, M.C.S., Johnson, D.E., Ahmadi N., Tollens, E. and Jalloh, A., CABI Publishing, October 2013

Dissertation research in progress

  1.  “Spillover effects of fertilizer subsidies on the adoption of modern inputs: panel data evidence from Burkina Faso”
  2. “Land rental, farm investment, productivity, and efficiency in Burkina Faso”
  3. “The productivity and welfare effects of the increased prevalence of crop protection chemicals in African agriculture”
  4. “Spatial urban development and transformation of African agriculture: A view from space” with Christopher Boone

Other research in progresss

  1. “Institutional change, industrialization and structural change out of agriculture” with Michael Reed and Yoko Kusunose
  2. “Health shocks and agricultural productivity: Panel data evidence from Tanzania”
  3. “Dust in the brain? Early childhood exposure to micro particles and educational performance in West Africa”
  4. “Cross-markets transmission of price and price volatility in international grain markets” with Michael Reed
  5. “Foreign aid effectiveness in African economies: evidence from a threshold panel” with Romuald Anago, 
  6. “When it is hot and it also hard: Temperature shocks and student test performance”
  7. “Do bilateral investment treaties promote or restrict large-scale land acquisition in developing countries?”
  8. “Trade effects of food regulations and standards: Assessing the impact of SPS measures on market structure”
  9.  “Assessing the performance of food co-ops in the US” with Ani Katchova and Timothy A. Woods
  10. “Evaluation of the effects of economic policies on informal sector performance and poverty in Cameroon: a Computable General Equilibrium model analysis” with Willy Ndjana, Erith Nghogue and Robert Ngonthe
  11. “The politics of agricultural policies: cotton pricing in election time in West Africa.”
  12. “Is young always better? Age-productivity profile in African agriculture”
  13. “Loss opportunity? Assessing the impact of post-harvest losses on household welfare in Nigeria”