Watch and download any movie and television titles that are being shared online.



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    • Watch or download movie and television titles in any format (TV, DVD, 720p, 1080i/p) with as few as two clicks of the mouse. The first click is to hit the search button. The second click is to hit the download button.

    • Anonymity via automatic filtering of untrusty IPs, the use of proxies, and encryption

    • "Deep Search, Best Source" algorithm for superior video download links. The algorithm aggregates all potential download links based on variations of the search query and then selects the best link based on factors that include trustworthiness, number of downloaders and uploaders, and video file size.

    • "Popular Movies" option to display recent movies that have been downloaded the most

    • "Popular TV Shows" option to display recent TV shows that have been downloaded the most

    • Download video subtitles

    • Set the number of results per search

    • Set the minimum and maximum size of a video file that can be downloaded

    • Set the video file extensions that can be downloaded

    • Search for movie and television titles by name, release date, genre, rating, country, and language

    • Automatic ordering of search results by popularity

    • Hear and read small summaries of titles

    • View trailers of titles

    • View release dates and ratings of titles

    • Email download links and trailer links

    • Detection of video box sets

    • PeerBlock integration (only available for Windows XP and higher)


    1. How does VidMasta protect my privacy and ensure that downloading video content is safe and secure? VidMasta uses IP filtering to block known bad peers (e.g. anti-p2p corporations) while downloading video content. The playlist’s play button tooltip and the status bar (when connecting to the torrent network) show the number of blocked IPs. The list of blocked IPs is stored in an ipfilter.dat file located in VidMasta’s application data folder (e.g. C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming\VidMasta). On Windows, VidMasta is also integrated with PeerBlock, which performs IP filtering. Video content is not shared/seeded after download completion. Network encryption is used. VidMasta automatically attempts to use proxies for websites that provide video download links. Custom proxies can be used via the manage proxies dialog, accessible from the "Search" menu. VidMasta scrapes a web page without executing scripts on the web page.

    2. What is the "Alt" button next to the "Download" button? In the main application window, the "Alt" button is an alternative video download link. The "Download" button is the video download link with the most downloaders, whereas the "Alt" button is the video download link with the most sharers. In the subtitle download window, the "Alt" button is an alternative subtitle download link. The "Download" button is the most downloaded subtitle link and the "Alt" button is the second most downloaded subtitle link.

    3. How do I change the folder where playing/streaming/playlist items are saved? Click the "Set Save Folder" menu item under the "Playlist" menu.

    4. How do I stop playlist items from opening automatically? Un-check the "Auto-Open Items" menu item under the "Playlist" menu.

    5. How do I search by video format? Before clicking a download link, select a format from the "Quality" menu item under the "Download" menu. There is no need to redo/reload the search or start a new search after selecting a different video format. Just select a different video format and then re-click the download link. The available formats are "ANY", "HQ", DVD, 720 HD, and 1080 HD. "ANY" is any video quality. "HQ" is high video quality (TV video quality or better). DVD is DVD video quality. 720 HD is 720p video quality. 1080 HD is 1080i/p video quality.

    6. How do I find subtitles? After performing a search, right-click a video in the results table and click the "Find Subtitle" menu item.

    7. How do I disable the safety window that is shown every time I click a download link from an untrustworthy source? Disable it under the "Download" menu by un-checking "Show Link Safety Warning".

    8. How do I get the torrent files associated with video files so that I can open them myself in a BitTorrent client? Select "None" from the "Downloader" menu item under the "Download" menu.

    9. How do I search for any title name? Leave the title field blank.

    10. I want to view more results. How do I do so? If there are more results that can be displayed for a particular search, then the "Load More" button at the bottom-right of the application window will become active. You can click this button to load more results.

    11. Why is one of the results in bold? This result is the top match returned by a search engine when performing a regular search by title name. All search preferences (e.g. minimum rating and genre) are ignored except for release dates and title type (i.e. movie or TV show).



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