Accepted papers

Regular papers
Tigran Tonoyan. On Some Bounds on the Optimum Schedule Length in the SINR Model
David Chan and David Kirkpatrick. Approximating Barrier Resilience for Arrangements of Non-Identical Disk Sensors
Rom Aschner, Matthew Katz and Gila Morgenstern. Symmetric Connectivity with Directional Antennas
Johannes Wendeberg and Christian Schindelhauer. Polynomial Time Approximation Algorithms for Localization based on Unknown Signals
Lukas Belke, Thomas Kesselheim, Arie Koster and Berthold Voecking. Comparative Study of Approximation Algorithms and Heuristics for SINR Scheduling with Power Control
Shaun Joseph and Lisa Dipippo. Pseudo-scheduling: A New Approach to the Broadcast Scheduling Problem
Jinhee Chun, Akiyoshi Shioura, Truong Minh Tien and Takeshi Tokuyama. A Unified View to Greedy Geometric Routing Algorithms in Ad Hoc Networks
Sivan Albagli-Kim, Leah Epstein, Hadas Shachnai and Tami Tamir. Packing Resizable Items with Application to Video Delivery over Wireless Networks
Hadassa Daltrophe, Shlomi Dolev and Zvi Lotker. Big Data Interpolation An Efficient Sampling Alternative for Sensor Data Aggregation
Hongyu Liang, Tiancheng Lou, Haisheng Tan, Amy Yuexuan Wang and Dongxiao Yu. Complexity of Connectivity in Cognitive Radio Networks Through Spectrum Assignment
Yann Disser, Matus Mihalak, Subir Kumar Ghosh and Peter Widmayer. Mapping a polygon with holes using a compass
Brief announcements
Pierre Leone and Elad Michael Schiller. Self-Stabilizing TDMA algorithms for Dynamic Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
Stefan Hoffmann and Egon Wanke. Metric Dimension for Gabriel Unit Disk Graphs is NP-Complete