- Junior Post Prom Party May 20, 12:00AM - 5:00AM - Click here for info on this safe alternative to post prom activities and how you can help support this tradition. (Please click on the link above to see important changes for JPPP for 2018.)

 - Teacher Appreciation Breakfast, May 9th - Click here to sign up to contribute food items and/or volunteer your time

About Our Organization

Parents, even though your son and/or daughter now attends high school, you are still needed!  The goal for the APTO is to bring the families and students of Algonquin and the administration together.

The following are examples of activities and events that APTO has supported in the past:
· Monthly newsletter
· Junior Post-Prom Party
· Teacher appreciation events
· Ice Cream Social for students and faculty
· Speakers for different events/subject matters
· Scholarship awards

APTO hopes for continued support with your membership fees.  For more information, go to our "Membership Info" page.

The APTO works hard to put together a monthly newsletter with up to date information of what is happening at Algonquin.  Included in the newsletter and on this website is information of how you can become involved in your child’s experience at Algonquin.  The newsletter is a great tool that most parents rely on for current information.  We do not typically do fundraisers, we request that each family support the APTO with membership fees.  


We thank you for your continued support!