This is a sample of some of the footage of me that has appeared on YouTube, chosen with the intention of being reasonably varied and representative. For more, please go to Dead Days Beyond Help's YouTube Channel, where we have posted various clips of DDBH and Alex Ward & The Dead Ends and hope to add more on a regular basis, and I have also taken it upon myself to use the Favorites section to link to any footage that other people have posted of performances involving me as it appears. Thank you.

Alex Ward solo clarinet at Cafe Oto, London, 5th February 2011.

Steve Noble/Alex Ward duo at the ICA, London, 17th November 2009.

Lol Coxhill/Alex Ward, The Vortex Jazz Club, London 17th August 2010

Predicate at Cafe Oto, London, 27th February 2011. Untitled new piece/"Forecast".

DDBH - "Rock Salt And Nails"/improv/"Thicket". Boat-Ting, London, 5th August 2010.

N.E.W. (Steve Noble/John Edwards/Alex Ward) in Wels, Austria, 17th November 2010.