Tim Hill: alto and baritone saxophones
Dominic Lash: double bass
Mark Sanders: drums
Alex Ward: electric guitar, compositions

Predicate was formed in late 2009, and played its first show in February 2010. Between 2006 and 2008, almost everything I composed was written for the band Dead Days Beyond Help, and I view that as being the period in which my approach as a composer finally became fully-formed. Over the course of 2009, DDBH shifted towards its current fully-collaborative mode of composition, and I started to feel that it was time for me to engage with other compositional formats and instrumentations, and to address the challenge of integrating improvisation with composition. Predicate was the first band formed for this purpose. The original concept of the band had roots in what might be loosely termed a free-jazz/energy-music model, but this has become only one element amongst many. Predicate's debut album was recorded in September 2010, and was released early in 2012 on FMR records. Our second album, "NAILS" was recorded mid-way through a tour of the UK in spring 2012, and released on Gaffer Records in November 2013.