A high proportion of my improvising, and the majority of the long-running improvising combinations in which I play clarinet, have been in the duo format. My first released album, "Ya Boo, Reel & Rumble", was by a duo of me and Steve Noble which still performs to this day (second album to be released mid-2012). I played regularly in duo with Derek Bailey from 1986 until his death in 2005, in places including Den Haag, Rome and New York, but most frequently at his house in London. The XIII Ghosts was an improvising duo, though it only rarely performed without a guest third member. The duo "Crypt" with John Bisset is an example of an regularly-performing improvising duo in which I played guitar, and the guitar/drums duo Dead Days Beyond Help released an improvised album "The Verbing" in 2011 and plans to record another soon.
People with whom I have performed frequently as a duo in recent years include Lol Coxhill (album due on Incus in 2011), Kay Grant (album due on Emanem in 2011), Hugh Metcalfe (under the name Harvey Nichols vs. Megabreakfast), and Sibyl Madrigal. There have also been many people with whom I've performed in duo once or twice only, including Ingar Zach, Alan Tomlinson, Tony Bevan, John Edwards, Shoji Hano and Dominic Lash, and a compilation of recordings from some of these occasions has been planned for some time and may come to fruition at some point.