I am a principal economist in the Division of Financial Stability at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, D.C. I hold a DPhil in Financial economics from the University of Oxford.
Research interests:
Latest research:

Liquidity Provision in Capital Markets
Macro-finance and Financial Stability  

Monetary theory and policy
General Equilibrium with Incomplete Asset Markets

Optimal Taxation
NEW "Private and Public Liquidity in OTC markets", with David Arseneau and David Rappoport, FEDS working paper 2017-033

"How does macroprudential regulation change bank credit supply?", (with A.K Kashyap and D.P. Tsomocos), NBER Working Paper No. 20165 (Online Appendix - Presentation Slides)

Where to meet me in the coming months if you are not in DC:
-Midwest Macro Conference, Baton Rouge May 18-21, 2017
-Goethe University and ECB, Frankfurt June 19-21, 2017
-Society for Computational Economics, New York June 28-30, 2017