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Alex Stivala

Research fellow, SoNAR-C Social Network Analysis Research Center and Institute of Computing, Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, Switzerland.

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All of my publications are available for free online (via this website).

You can also find the publications prior to 2018 on the much older site (which I can no longer update, however)

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Slides from my conference presentations.

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Source code, data sets, web server (where applicable) etc. related to the publications above are available via the following links. You can also find source code in my GitHub repositories or for code prior to 2018 on the much older site (which I can no longer update, however)


Note regarding Pro-origami

UPDATE (1 March 2020): The Pro-origami server seems to be working properly again! But longer term, apparently it has to be moved to a new (virtual) server, this is being worked on now.

Update (18 January 2020): The Pro-origami server is currently (and for at least the last 5 days) not working: retrieving a cartoon does nothing or returns an error (for SVG or PDF - you can still retrieve a a PNG version), and generating a cartoon shows an error screen regarding OS error "No space left on device" (probably it has run out of disk space). Unfortunately I no longer have any access to the server, but I have asked a collaborator at Uni. Melb. to ask IT to look into it (but I have no idea how long this will take).

The Pro-origami server has been migrated to a new address and now only will work, the old address will no longer work. (The domain name was actually retired some time ago but was still supported until now).

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Please use my gmail address below.

Please note that I can no longer access my old University of Melbourne address Email sent there will be silently lost forever.