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Associate Professor | Political Science | University of Massachusetts Amherst


My teaching experience has spanned four institutions (the University of Virginia, Harvard University, the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of California, Merced), and has involved instruction of both undergraduate (introductory and upper division) and graduate students (professional and PhD).

Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM) Summer Institute
  • Mentoring Faculty in Residence, 2013
  • Graduate Student Coordinator, 2010

University of California, Merced
  • Political Science 213: Causal Inference & Experimental Methods in Political Science (Ph.D.) Syllabus
  • Political Science 252: Public Opinion (Ph.D.) Syllabus
  • Political Science 253: Voting, Campaigns and Elections (Ph.D.) Syllabus
  • Political Science 200: Research Design in Political Science (Ph.D.) Syllabus
  • Political Science 120: Voting Behavior, Campaigns and Elections. Syllabus
  • Political Science 125: Public Opinion.  Syllabus
University of California, Berkeley
  • Graduate Student Instructor, Political Science 236B: Quantitative Methodology in the Social Sciences Seminar, Jas Sekhon. Syllabus
  • Graduate Student Instructor, Political Science 1: Introduction to American Politics, Rob Van Houweling. 
  • Graduate Student Instructor, Political Science 164: Political Psychology, Laura Stoker.
  • Graduate Student Instructor, Political Science 164: Political Psychology, Jack Citrin. 

Harvard University
  • Course Assistant, PAL 210: The American Congress, David C. King, John F. Kennedy School of Government. Spring 2005.
  • Teaching Fellow, GOV 20: Introduction to Comparative Politics, Pippa Norris, Department of Government. Fall 2004.

University of Virginia
  • Co-Instructor, PLAP 436: Campaigns and Elections, Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics. 2000-2003.