Published Papers

Submitted Papers

  • X. Bai, A. Buccini, and L. Reichel, Golub-Kahan vs. Monte Carlo: A comparison of bidiagonalization and randomized SVD methods for the solution of linear discrete ill-posed problems.

  • A. Buccini, O. De La Cruz Cabrera, C. Koukouvinos, M. Mitrouli, and L. Reichel, Variable selection via the lp-lq method in high dimensional data.

  • A. Buccini and L. Reichel, Generalized Cross Validation for lp-lq minimization.

Works in Progress

  • D. Bianchi, A. Buccini, M. Donatelli, and E. Randazzo,Graph Laplacian for Tikhonov regularization (temporary title).

  • A. Buccini, ADMM in Krylov subspaces (temporary title).

  • A. Buccini, F. Chen, O. Lavrentovich, and S. Shiyanovskii, Detection and tracking of polydisperse bacteria in Liquid Crystals (temporary title).

  • A. Buccini, F. Cola, and M. Donatelli, Preconditioned lp-lq minimization (temporary title).

  • A. Buccini, P. Diaz De Alba, and G. Rodriguez, Sparse Total Variation for the inversion of geophysics data (temporary title).

  • A. Buccini, L. Onisk, and L. Reichel, Coarse preconditioners for approximated iterated Tikhonov (temporary title), In progress

  • A. Buccini and L. Reichel, Acceleration techniques for lp-lq regularization (temporary title).