Published Papers

Submitted Papers

  • A. Buccini and M. Donatelli, Multigrid frame based method for image deblurring.
  • A. Buccini, P. Dell'Acqua, and M. Donatelli, A general framework for the acceleration of ADMM.
  • A. Buccini, M. Pasha, and L. Reichel, Linearized Krylov subspace Bregman iteration with nonnegativity constraint.
  • A. Buccini and L. Reichel, An lp-lq minimization method with cross-validation for the restoration of impulse noise contaminated images.

Works in Progress

  • A. Buccini, Generalized Cross Validation for lp-lq minimization.
  • A. Buccini, A. Concas, and L. Reichel, Stability of centrality measures for complex networks (temporary title).
  • A. Buccini, O. De La Cruz Cabrera, M. Donatelli, J. Li, A. Martinelli, and L. Reichel, Large Scale Regression with Non-Convex Loss and Penalty.
  • A. Buccini, M. Pasha, and L. Reichel, Nonnegatively constrained lp-lq minimization (temporary title).
  • A. Buccini and L. Reichel, Acceleration techniques for lp-lq regularization (temporary title).