a brief overview 

social enterprises
(commercially viable and self-sustaining) 

Residential Housing
Homeownership and affordable rents: Though the real estate market in most urban centers in Ghana is quite resilient, the high capital threshold for entry makes it impossible for middle and low-income households to buy or invest. With the banks and financial institutions facing bottlenecks that impede easy access to financial services and mortgages, affordable capital for residential accommodation is non existent; making such undertakings a high stakes venture for the privileged few individuals and companies.
Current Project: A real estate venture in Takoradi partnering with a South African holding company, targeting the Ghanaian Diaspora in Europe and in the USA as investors and clients, using the timeshare financing model. Based on tested business models of the Teshie Nungua Estates and the Taysec Orchid Gardens.

Health Care
A decently-equipped health facility to serve both the general public and employees of the growing oil sector
Project Proposal: Refurbishing and repurposing the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital - a Private Public Partnership initiative with a consortium of Healthcare Professionals, Oil Companies and the Regional Government
Tested model. India’s private health care industry.

Responsible Consumption
Promote South-South trade providing quality affordable consumer ready products from Africa at competitive prices, creating local jobs, supporting responsible consumption and healthy lifestyles.
Current Project: Partnership with a member of Wines of South Africa (WOSA) and a SA holding company. Slogan:“Spreading the love and health benefits of wine. Embracing new friendships and good health” (a.g.) Selling wines and promoting responsible drinking and campaigning against domestic violence.

Innovative Mobile-Tech Solutions
A platform to promote innovative solutions for delivering health services and training. Affordable mobile technology for health care solutions, and teaching / training skills that are in high demand, adaptable for the African Market - Designing apps and web-based tools for solving real day-to-day problems.
Pilot Project: A prototype product for wirelessly transmitting patients’ data/vitals stats to qualified healthcare professional for timely and affordable care.

Contact info:  Phone: +1 646-434-8335
                      Skype: kojokrom85

advocacy ventures

"An ecumenical Christian programme of community engagement. In dialogue with the churches and other faith communities, a strive to uncover a sharp edge of engagement with contemporary issues of community cohesion, peace and reconciliation, and injustice and inequality..."

Financing Development in the Post-2015 Era 
Mobilizing the global voice of civil society for a more effective input into the international preparations for a UN declaration and follow-up process on the "Post-2015 Development Agenda" and the Third UN COnference on Financing for Development.  
Partnering with:               

A mechanism for building a joint civil society platform to generate greater civil society interest and advocacy for seeing the platform goals realized. Help facilitate the formulation of a declaration by a representative group of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for presentation at the next United Nations Summit to launch the Post-2015 Development Agenda and at the Third International Conference on Financing for Development in 2015. Engaging representatives of NGOs from around the world in developing a statement in conjunction with the preparatory process underway at the United Nations. Provide civil society organizations monitoring the FFD process an opportunity to forge common positions across the various consultation exercises. A coordinated, coherent joint position of accredited non-governmental organizations targeting the international gathering of governments and individual Member States is more effective in raising the visibility of the social justice concerns of civil society.

Assisting ADIN, an  African NGO with special 
accreditation to ECOSOC
, achieve the following objectives:
1. Ensure regular presence at ECOSOC / UN Women events, as well as at UN NGO meetings to facilitate African CSO advocacy.
2. Help in developing a common agenda of African NGO representatives to UN Summits and special events at the HQ in New York; building on the platform for African voices in the UN FFD process  --  (a la the Africa Caucus of the Monterrey Conference), 
3. Assist in actively building and nurturing a network of African CSO around the FFD process and the Post-2015 Development Agenda /SDGs. 
4. Facilitate ADIN in the solicitation of grants and resources to implement local and regional projects/programs

Ghana’s New Oil Wealth, a blessing or a curse? An initiative inspiring Ghanaians and friends in the diaspora to be part of a process of averting the predicament of "The Curse of Black Gold". 

A web-based initiative that strives to contribute to oversight of oil exploration and use of the oil wealth in Ghana. It provides opportunities for addressing common problems and recommend steps to preempt them; mainly by advocating for transparent solution-seek processes, as well as bringing to bear the vast knowledge and expertise of Ghanaians around the globe. 

The best investment that could be made with profits from Ghana's oil is in the transformation of the economy into non-oil dependent future. 

"Let us care for Mother Earth so she can continue to care for us..."  “There can be no Plan B because there is no planet B” (UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon)
"We needn't wait till we make millions selling multiple platinum albums to give back. We are committed to giving back now, no matter how small.“

Helping bridge the Gap between ... the haves and the have not enough ... the promises and the delivery ... the dreamers and the doers one project at a time...
The Global Alliance of Artists Against Poverty (GA3P) is a not-for-profit organization registered in New York with a mission of facilitating artists to contribute to poverty alleviation and climate change mitigation, in furtherance of the United Nation Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the larger UN Development Agenda. Mobilizing local artists to inspire action to raise funds to fight poverty and support climate change projects.

It's main function is organizing a variety of events to educate and galvanize support for targeted development projects on the ground starting with the “Help 100 Children” maiden project in Anomabu village, Ghana. The aspiration is to provide a model that can be replicated by other artists. 

The Mandan, ND Initiative
"Health Care, Brain Drain, Technology Transfer, Migration and the Politics of Race Relations”

Besides the obvious "piracy" or “poaching” of healthcare workers from African countries, the prevailing nursing shortage in the USA encourages unethical practices in the recruitment industry that exploit nurses. The impact that this home-grown solution has on poor African countries is often ignored in the US national political discourse. In today’s political climate, it is almost impossible for elected officials to look beyond narrow local interest and adopt win-win-win pragmatic solutions to address the challenge of affordable healthcare and the issue of immigration.

This is a bold civic initiative that directly confronts not just the symptoms but the root causes of a multi-facet problem from all its angles. It has started a multi-stakeholder conversation guided by the UN dialogue on international migration and development process to identify “concrete measures to strengthen coherence and cooperation at all levels, with a view to enhancing the benefits of international migration for migrants and countries alike and its important links to development, while reducing its negative implications”. It seeks to bring together the Madan community, the Vibra Hospital and the recruited nurses with ties to Africa, all with shared interests, to identify and adopt joint ventures that can provide unique solutions with positive commercial and social returns for all parties.

Ghanaian Diaspora SME Advocacy 
Re-focusing the mobilization of resources -- seed capital and expertise -- from ODA and FDI to diaspora "remittances", and encourage investments in commercially viable social ventures. A platform to advocate for an enabling business environment for the Ghanaian Diaspora to invest in SME sustainable development business ventures and grow the Ghanaian private sector. 
Project Proposal:  Via the UN FFD process, interfacing with the Ghana Mission Diaspora Desk in New York and the Ghanaian Diaspora community, promote the work of the Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) and highlight progress of private sector development and entrepreneurship in Ghana to key partners and the media in Washington, DC, and New York City .

Building Bridges Over  The Atlantic  
Reestablishing Long Lost Links of Kinship

Ghana and Trinidad & Tobago: PanAfest & Emancipation Day (in consultations) 

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