About me

Photo: Ineke Oostveen

I am a postdoctoral researcher at CeNDEF (Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance, University of Amsterdam) and a candidate fellow at the Tinbergen Institute. Before that I was a PhD candidate at  CREED, University of Amsterdam and the Tinbergen Institute.

My research interests include Behavioural and Experimental Economics / Finance, Game Theory and Bounded RationalityUnder Research you will find more information about my publications and projects.

I am currently a Tinbergen Job Market candidate (placement director: Eric Bartelsman), and I will be available for interviews at the EEA Meeting in Napels in December 2018. 

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Prof. Jasmina Arifovic, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver)
Prof. Cars Hommes, University of Amsterdam
Prof. Theo Offerman, University of Amsterdam
Prof. Anxo Sánchez, Carlos III de Madrid