Akhilesh Mathur

My home page.

I work for a United Nations specialized agency called the Universal Postal Union.

I graduated from Delhi University in 1975. After a brief stint as a structural designer in Panaji, Goa, I joined the Department of Posts in the Government of India in 1979. I worked there for ten years before joining the Universal Postal Union. The UPU, an intergovernmental organization based in Berne, Switzerland, coordinates postal services between its 192 member countries.

I am married to Anjali Mathur. We have two sons. Jayant will soon finish an MBA from California Lutheran University in Los Angeles, and Dhruv is studying for a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University, Boston.

I am interested in trekking, boating, physical oceanography, travel, defence affairs, aviation, ham radio, music and mathematics.

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E-mail: akhilesh.mathur@upu.int

Akhilesh Mathur, Berne, Switzerland