Airi N. KATO (加藤愛理)

Postdoc in Tao Li (李涛) group@WIUCAS (Wenzhou institute, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences),

Ph.D. in Physics (at Takeuchi lab. @University of Tokyo, PhD study is started originally at Sano lab.)

Email:, Sub-email: (_at_=@)

Research topics:

Quincke rollers. (mainly experiment)

Colloidal monolayer at a liquid interface. (experiment, 2021–)

Quantum estimation (theory, –2015)

What's new!

2022/9/8 Preprint on rough particles at a liquid interface is uploaded in arXiv! arXiv: 2209.02922

2022/07/13 Paper on Quincke rollers under an AC field is just published!

"Active colloid with externally induced periodic bipolar motility and its cooperative motion" (go to Soft Matter)

arXiv:2203.12882 [cond-mat.soft]