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                                      Great work 
                              $79 Hourly plus HST.  
                 519-757-0711 work  519-757-2404 cell

   Forced gas air furnace or boiler service check, cleaning, repairs or get new 

                                    Get  "AIR GT"


A number of charitable organizations are supported, meeting needs:
2016: CB Church, Alpha-Omega, ABWE:NR, MB, MT; OM, OAC, Haiti, Crossworld, IFCJ, H&S, Kidney, WOL, NBBI, IV-CSR, Alpha Min., CBSociety, PC's, Scott Mission, Teen Challenge

2017: CB Church, OAC, IFCJ, Columbia B.School.,  OM, Scott Mission, Intervarsity-CSR, NBBI, ABWE Bouma, PBI, CBSociety., WOL, PC's, Teen Challenge, Alpha, Gideons, ABWE KIng

To Date: 2018: CB Church,  ICSR, Alpha, OAC,  IFCJ, NBBI, Gideons, OM, PC's, CB Society, Scott Mission; Intervarsity CSR, PBI, IFCJ