Home The Yorktown anchored off Hawaii Re Fueling a Destroyer Me receiving my stripes with lab shipmates A look back at the Yorktown with a ghost

The 7th Fleet in Formation

Getting ready to Re Fueling smaller ships

Happy 100,000 Flights off the deck

A Russian Sub off Starboard near carrier

A Boatswains Mate sounding Quarters

The cover of the Classic Yorktown News

My Initiation into the print washing tank

Admiral Roy Johnson 7th Fleet Group

A Gruman C1 A preparing for flight

Gruman C 1 A / T F 1 folding wings

A T-28 Single prop with Radar Pod

A C1 A Getting catapulted

Navy Helicopter on Yorktown landing deck Helicopters Departing the flight deck A Helicopter landing on the flight deck A C1 A folding its wings for storage